What are you fishing for

Are you using the right bait

Are you tossing your line

Willy-nilly out into the water

Or are you laser focused

On the spot in the water

Right where you want

Your hook to drop

Are you able to wait patiently

Until you get a bite

Or do you get anxious and

Reel your line in


You can make a better cast

When you get a bite

Are you skilled

At setting the hook

Or do you let emotion take over

Jerk too hard

Lose the fish

Tangle up your line

When all you had to do

Was settle down

Take your time

E.A. Fussell


Photo by Jerry Sargent Photography

A New Song

Life eternal springs

Regardless of what death brings

Some believe

They will generate wings

While others believe

They will return to earth

A new song to sing

Maybe they are both correct

Maybe neither are

I believe

Regardless of what death brings

In one form or another

Life eternal springs

E.A. Fussell


(Photo by Jerry Sargent Photography)

Bright Future


I hear you calling me


I am not interested

In the darkness of my past

That led me

Down this stream of confusion

And delivered me where I am


See that light just ahead


It’s beautiful green and bright

That is my future


I can step up out of this stream

Leave confusion behind

Place my feet on solid ground

Peace and plentiful beauty

Can be mine

E.A. Fussell


Photo by Frederic Bonneau of Bonneau Photography