Old flames

Just like a campfire

Rekindling an old flame

Can be easy or

Not so much

Cold embers

Sometimes resist new sparks

And if they reignite

They may just end up

Burning you twice

Better to let old flames

Take their natural course

Maybe the embers

Linger for a lifetime

Maybe the ashes just

Blow away with the wind

It doesn’t really matter

Be thankful for the time

You blazed bright together

In the time that you had

E.A. Fussell


My Kingdom Come

Being alone

It has become my addiction

To tuck myself away from the world

After my work day

Curl up with a good book

Or a mindless show

Turn the ringer off my phone

Escape into a world of thought

Filled with ideas of what I will do when I retire

Hoping I live to see the day

Instead of scheduling subcontractors and chasing materials and solving problems all day

I will fill my time with writing and sketching and creating fountains and exploring the wilderness and making videos and learning new things

I will wade off into the countryside and not be heard from for weeks

Reappearing occasionally to post photos or videos to document what I learn

At one time I thought it might be nice to share life with someone but I have distanced myself to the point that I am no longer interested in sharing myself with any one

There just isn’t enough of me to go around

So I conserve myself and only let a rare few glimpse my world up close

Mostly you must view my kingdom from afar

I will share it with you briefly from time to time and hopefully it will encourage or entertain you for a moment and in that brief moment neither of us will feel alone

E.A. Fussell


Rolling along

My sister-in-law Phoebe TRIED to warn me how large this cinnamon roll was 😳 (notice the steak knife handle peaking out…I mean when you get a steak knife to cut a cinnamon roll you know it’s big and thick. 🔪 )

Yes, I could have followed Phoebe’s first suggestion to cut a slice and take the rest with me but I opted to follow Phoebe’s second suggestion….dive into the center and enjoy the deliciousness. 😜

This morning I have a slight sugar hangover but nothing like it would have been If I had indulged in the whole thing.

If you are ever in Tulsa, Oklahoma take an hour or so and pop in Dilly Diner, the service is not speedy (don’t plan on your coffee staying hot in your cup) but the food is great. 😍

E.A. Fussell


Power to Decide

Some mistake my quietness

Regarding the political realm

As dis-interest or


When in fact I hold

A very solid stance

Political power

Like many other things

Is a double edged sword

Your vote

Is your personal defense

Against those things

Which you don’t agree with

Or your personal offense

For those things

Which you do agree with

Or vise versa

But the world is tricky

It can easily

Manipulate your mind

And before you know it

Someone else is using your vote

As part of their offensive plan

Accurately educating yourself

On important issues is difficult

In the current fake news

Ever screaming wolf

Finger pointing and accusing

Stream of

Never ending negativity

Displayed in every form

Visual, audible, written

It’s easy to hear

The loudest message

It’s difficult to invest

Precious time

Sifting thru the barrage

To determine what is real

And what is garbage

Try to find the time

Shut out the world

Educate yourself

Exercise your power

Or keep your sword sheathed

Either way

The power of your vote

Can end up

Disempowering you

E.A. Fussell