Humble confidence

Isn’t it interesting that God wisely designed the human body so that we can neither pat our own back, nor kick ourselves, too easily?

Lord, help us be humble as we successfully rule this day, confident in the knowledge that You can open doors for us that no man can shut. And if a door shuts or will not open, let us not be too hard on ourselves understanding that Your ways are not our ways but all things work for the good of those who love You.

Making it through the week

Well folks, we’ve made it halfway through another week. Faith and prayer are a couple of ways I put the pedal-to-the-metal and get through unforeseen difficulties.

Thank you Lord, for helping us overcome the obstacles thrown in front of us thus far. As we move on toward the weekend I ask that you be with each of us and allow us to see through and past any treacherous impediments your enemy places in our way. Please comfort those who need comfort. Heal those who need healing. Guide all of us to a closer walk with you.


Is a threat to your individuality
There will always be
Someone smarter than you
Braver than you
More attractive than you
Richer than you
More enlightened than you
It doesn’t matter
They are not you
They can never be you
Let others be what they are
Envy them not
Only strive to be the best version
Of yourself

E.A. Fussell

Silent encouragement

Susan, a 33-year-old woman, was stricken blind because of a medical misdiagnosis. She was a beautiful young woman with a lot of ability, a lot of courage, a lot of confidence. But all of a sudden, her world was absolutely crashing around her. She became depressed, her husband who loved her very much, was an officer in the air force. He said, “Honey, we will fight this thing together and you will regain your confidence. You will become the successful, gung-ho person you have always been “ But she was slow in believing that.

Imagine the devastation she was feeling, you have everything going your way and then
suddenly you are completely blind and having to learn a whole new way of living. Her husband said, “I will drive you to your job every day and then I will pick you up in the evening.” It didn’t take him long to realize that simply was not working. The time involvement and the cost was
too prohibitive. One day he dared broach the subject, “Honey, let’s look at you riding the bus.” Susan got really upset, “You’re abandoning me!” He replied gently, “No, I’m not abandoning you,” then continued more strongly, “I know that you can do it and I will go with you, I’ll ride the bus with you for a couple of weeks and teach you everything you need to know to ride the bus by yourself.” For the next two weeks he rode with her and explained every minute detail,
why this noise was here, the steps she had to take there, and all such things.

Finally, the day came when Susan said, “I’m ready.” And she rode the bus by herself to and from work. When she got home, she was ecstatic. Her confidence had returned, and she had not had any difficulties at all. All week she rode the bus alone and each day her confidence grew. On Friday as she started to depart the bus the driver said to her, “You know I really envy you.” Susan turned her head toward the driver. Surely he can’t be talking to me she thought. The driver said, “Yes, I’m talking to you.” Susan asked, “Why on earth would you envy me?” He said, “Because of that wonderful bright young Officer who watches you board the bus every morning and watches you as you get off the bus each afternoon. When he leaves you each day he tips his hat and salutes you. It must be wonderful to have somebody looking after you like that.” Susan smiled.

This reminds me of God, though we cannot see him, we know he is watching over us. Looking after us. Cheering us on. Catching us when we stumble. Encouraging us. Teaching us how to be confident in Him. Giving us direction on how to live. We may have difficulties, heartbreak, and shattered dreams along the way, but how marvelous to know that the God of the Universe cares so much about each one of us.

Ray of hope

Has never comprehended light
It never will
That does not change the fact
That from the moment
The command was given
“Let there be light.”
Light prevails

What causes darkness to grow Diminishing light
Light to shine brighter
Pushing back darkness

We control it
You and me
With each choice we make
With the thoughts we allow
With the actions we take
With the words we speak

Darkness tries to close in on us
Creating strife
Stealing joy
But light is always there
Waiting for us to choose it

Sometimes it’s hard to find
When our heart feels empty
And darkness clouds our mind

A single spark of hope
Is all it takes


Going home

I love this story; you may have heard it, or a version of it:

A minister had gotten aboard a train headed home. He sat next to a young lad, maybe fifteen years old, who seemed to be distressed. He spoke to the young man and said, “It’s nice to be going home, isn’t it?” and the young man replied, “Well sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t.”

The minister then noticed he had been crying and said to him, “I don’t mean to intrude and if you don’t want to tell me what your problems are you don’t have to, but I am a minister and maybe I can help.” The young man answered, “Well, I do need to talk to somebody. A few months ago, in a fit of anger and self-pity, I ran away from home and I don’t know if it would be good for me to go home or not.” The minister said, “Why not?”

The youngster said, “I have done some things that are just wrong. I know it has hurt my dad and I’m not sure he will forgive me. I wrote him a letter and said I would be on this train and if he wants me back to just hang a rag in the tree close to the railroad
tracks where we live.” The
minister asked, “Will you be able to see the rag?” and the young man said, “Yes, but as we get closer, I can’t bare to look. I’m so afraid there won’t be a rag in the tree.”

The young man was weeping again. The minister said, “You just look away and I’ll watch for you.” As the train slowed down and started to come to a stop the minister said, “Okay it’s fine to look now.” When the young man looked out there was not only one rag in the tree it was flooded with rags clearly sending the message: “Welcome home son.”

Wealth unaware

Something to ponder:

Once upon a time there was a man who owned property under which millions of gallons of oil existed, but he was unaware of it and went about his life struggling to survive. One day an exploratory company convinced him to lease the land and allow drilling on it. Within a short time the well struck oil and became a top producer. Instantly the man became a multi-millionaire.

What if no one had come along and convinced him to take a risk on their drilling lease?


What if he had taken the time to learn about oil deposits, invested in equipment and discovered and marketed the oil himself?

Within each of us there exists an intangible untapped substance more valuable than oil. Yes, I believe there is something special in you, in each of us. Why else would our Creator make no two alike?

We go about life programmed by the world to survive from one paycheck to the next, but there is so much more available to us. Wealth means different things to different people. Whatever it means to you it is within your reach. Take time to learn about things that interest you, discover your talent, advance your skill, be authentic.

The world tells us we can’t.
God tells us we can do all things.

Philippians 4:13 KJV

E.A. Fussell

Playing simply

As super powers

Play with worlds

And Technology

Like a virus



Instead of connecting us

I stick with simple things


Dancing under the stars

Sending fresh flowers

Hand written letters

Visiting family and friends

Where laughter is plentiful

And love never ends

E.A. Fussell