Either, Or

He stood on the edge of two worlds

Contemplating his life

As he floated along between

Yesterday and tomorrow

A clock ticked loudly reminding him

That time does not stop

No matter how important the moment

He wished he would have

Paid less attention to the clock

Time to go to work

Time to go to a meeting

Time to go to church

Time to go



A railroad crossing sign

Painfully reminded him

Of opportunities he had let slip away

By being too cautious

At the crossroads of his life

He wished he had

Jumped on the train of uncertainty

At more of his crossroads

Instead of standing safely on the sidelines

A lamp post cast just enough light

To see his immediate surroundings

But not enough to see into the darkness

He wondered if the light

Was directly powered by the energy

He had put into living his life

What might have been the result

If he had displayed more passion

Embraced more risk

Laughed more

Loved more

Would the lamp be shining brighter

If he had spent less time

Worrying about the future

More time living in the moment

His eyes fell on the luggage by his feet

He had bought it years ago

When he had made a list

Of places he would go

Only a few destination stickers

Had been obtained before

His travel list

Had been replaced by

A weekly things to do list

He loved his family

And had led a good life

But all his youthful dreams

Had been sacrificed

For a simple routine

And a dutiful life

Why had he lived as “either, or”

Either he could be a family man

Or he could be a world traveler

Either he could be a businessman

Or he could be an artist

What if he had realized

He could take care of his family

And allow time for his dreams

Waves splashed around the raft

As the unseeable shoreline

Loomed closer in the darkness

He could see the simblance

Of a mountain in the distance

He could since a different world

Awaiting him in the afterglow

The waves got rougher and

One of the suitcases was knocked over

Unlatched it spilled out memories of

Packing to go to the hospital

For the birth of his first child

Packing for family vacations

For his 25th anniversary

For funerals, graduations, weddings

He got the sense that he was at

The most important crossroad

Of his existence

What to carry into eternity with him


The dreams yet unfulfilled


The memories of a lifetime

His heart raced as he felt the raft

Touch land and knew he had to decide

The clock was ticking louder

The lamp light was growing dimmer

The crossroads sign seemed to be fading

A decision was required


For the first time in his life

In the last moments of it

He made his best decision

He jumped off the security of the known

Onto the shoreline

Into the darkness of uncertainty

Carrying one suitcase filled with dreams

And the other filled with memories

No longer stuck in a state of “either,or”

Finally realizing

He could have so much more

E.A. Fussell


Deepest Desires

I love days when

My spirit is souring

Like white doves fluttering

My heart is vibrant

Like a beautiful bouquet

My mind is crisp

Like a mountain range

I love days when

The train of life

Is carrying me to

An unknown destination

That promises to satisfy

My deepest desires

Known only by

My Creator

E.A. Fussell


Thoughts: Create Your World

Thoughts create the world we live in

Life is a negotiation of our thoughts

Some thoughts bring pleasure

Some thoughts bring pain

All thoughts have a cost

Some have a steep price

Most of my life I have

Wasted my negotiating power

Wasted my thinking power

Wasted my creation power

Recently a realization hit me

As I reflected on my world

A world I had created

And I decided that

I want more out of life

And life replied

“Finally, it’s about time!”

So with my thoughts

I am negotiating

A whole new life

One with less worry

More joy

Less frustration

More success

Less debt

More travel

Less darkness

More light

And now each day

I hold my thoughts captive

Until they reflect

The outcome I desire

And I see the future

As if it is today

I feel the emotions

As if they are in play

And I am thankful that

I finally comprehend

How to have more of what I want

And less of what I don’t want

By using the negotiating power

Of the thoughts

Generated by my mind

While creating the world I live in

E.A. Fussell


Dancing on the Edge

Life is a delicate balance

Or is it


Haven’t you ever

Pushed the limits

Of your body

Your mind

Your spirit

To find

You are still standing

Or you got back up

We waste so much of our precious time

Playing it safe



For the remainder of my life

I will push myself to the limit

I will dance on the edge of the table

Crystal candelabras be damned

If I should fall

I will get back up

But the universe respects boldness

And I believe it will cheer me on

Allowing me to teeter boldly

On the edge

Exploring “what if’s”

And “why nots”’

Until I slide sideways into the next life

Where I will not make the

Same mistake

Of living securely, safely,

Seated at the table


I will boldly live teetering

On the tables edge of possibility

Crystal candelabras be damned

E.A. Fussell


Weekend Get Togethers

There’s nothing quite like a weekend with old friends. Frolicking and laughing, catching up on what’s new in each other’s lives and remembering days gone by. In a few weeks I will host a get together and as I am preparing our itinerary it causes me to think about each person. Who they are, what they like as I try to make sure there is something fun for everyone. It is heart warming for me to revisit the memories we’ve already made as I prepare the course for new experiences and new memories that are on their way.

E.A. Fussell


Daily Choice

You will often see


Or dusty boots

Upon my feet

Sporting high heels

Is just not for me

At least during the day

Sometimes I see

The office ladies

All dolled up

And it makes me kind of wish


Fancy dresses

And makeup

Were on my daily attire list

But a construction site

Is unforgiving

When you don’t dress the part

If I wear the wrong shoes

And prance around

Trying to avoid

The mud and dust

I won’t get much done

So daily I make my choice

To fill my thermos

Pull on my boots

Grab my gloves

Just go out

And get to it

E.A. Fussell