Storm’s Brewing

Be still” is one of the most difficult directions to follow, especially when we face a storm.

Sometimes the storm isn’t even for us but we feel compelled to help and suddenly find ourselves in the middle of it. Helping isn’t always the best thing.

If you know someone who continually needs help to get through a storm, maybe that’s because you continue to help them and they never go thru the storm alone with God.

We have a tendency to insert ourselves in God’s place thinking we are helping when we are actually prolonging or negating the lesson or the change the storm was intended for.

Even in our own storms it’s easier to rush for a solution instead of being still and listening for confirmation from the Word of which direction we should take.

When we try too hard or move too fast for a resolution we again insert ourselves into God’s place and may take the wrong path.

Storms are a part of life. Some are ours some are for others. They can be personal, professional, or spiritual in nature. Try to remember that not every storm is meant for you to ride through.

Be still, wait on the Lord, He will be true to His Word and direct you, if you wait on Him.

E.A. Fussell


Stop being abused

Unconditional love

Does not mean

Unconditional acceptance

Of bad behavior

We can love someone and

Forgive them

But that does not mean

We have to spend time with them

And subject ourselves

To continued abuse

Abuse comes in many forms





What are you accepting

Under the guise of

Unconditional love

Stop, I did




In your private life

When you lose someone to

Death or

Divorce or


It can feel like your heart

Is caving in

As your mind realizes

Your life will never be the same

Without that person

All hope gone for the plans

You made together

Grief, sorrow, anger, love,


All mix together forming

Utter sadness


You heal

Other times

You do not

Even when you hold onto

Belief that God knows best

The sadness

Clouds your mind

Engulfs your heart

As you watch your private life

Fall completely apart

E.A. Fussell


Move Deeper

Pick a destination

Set your mainsail

Take the helm

Move away from the shore

There’s so much more

That you were made for

Trust your soul whisperings

Like the stability of a keel

They will keep you from tipping

Don’t get distracted

As you tack and jibe

If the waves rise

On your port or starboard side

Just stay your course

And enjoy the ride

E.A. Fussell


Let Go

What’s holding you back?

What’s making you hesitate?

Another year has passed

Another year awaits

As we stand on the edge

And watch the new year approach

Will you make your move

Or will you stay stuck in place?Holding onto old mistakes

You’ve made a lot

Throughout your life

That’s okay, so have I

They can’t be undone

But should we suffer forever?

Punishing ourselves

Torturing our mind with

What if’s and

If only’s


We’ll forgive ourselves

And many others

We’ll stand up straight

Grab hold of life with purpose

Shake the doubt and guilt and Shame away

Hold our head high

Trust God’s word

Do as He says

And move forward

With joyful hearts

Each and every day



Above Average

I did not wake up today

To be mediocre

Like the persistent flow

Of a mountain stream

Cuts through the rocks

And routes it’s course

I will consistently

Dwell on the things

That I plan to attain in this life

I will feel them and see them

As if they are already here

Written intentions combined with

Diligent meditation and

Active steps of pursuit

Will route the course

From my imagination

Into my reality

E.A. Fussell