Rollin’ A Smoke

My grandpa rolled his cigarettes. I can still smell the sweetness of the tobacco when he opened the Prince Albert can and gently sprinkled the dark pieces onto the paper. As a child it was mesmerizing to watch the process as his rough hands manipulated the delicate paper.


Focused Thoughts

Man’s thoughts

Are like a thousand butterflies

Sometimes they are scattered


Flitting here and there

Visiting a pretty flower

Then an interesting idea

Over to a fun activity

Back to a pretty flower

Having no real direction

But when his thoughts are

Focused on one thing

One idea

One goal

One purpose

His thoughts can lift him higher

Than he ever imagined

E.A. Fussell


Come Play With Me

Come play with me

For a little while

Let’s see what we can see

Throw caution to the wind

Forget that we’re just friends

We’ll transform ourselves

From caterpillars trudging along

To butterflies in a beautiful song

Come play with me

We’ll laugh, and dance

Do something crazy

Take a chance

Maybe we’ll scale a mountain peak

Go swimming in oceans deep

Maybe we’ll explore castles and caverns

Or spend the night shooting billiards

In a local tavern

Come play with me

No expectations

No what-happens-next questions

Just two people enjoying the moment

Living life on a whim

Don’t think about it

Just jump in

Come play with me

E.A. Fussell