Window of the soul

Windows represent transparency

Allowing light to pass through

What size is the window

Thru which you allowing

Light into your soul

Is it the same size as the one

You look out of

To see the world

From inside yourself

What about that window

Through which you allow others

To see you

My guess is that you are similar

To me

With multiple levels of transparency

Carefully monitoring

What others see

E.A. Fussell


Endearing Enduring

Romantic Love

Is it worth it


In the beginning

When everything is




At the end maybe

When things are comfortable

But that middle part

Where you’re getting to know

Each other’s good and bad

I haven’t been able to survive it

Long enough to get comfortable

Tons of respect and admiration

For those who have been able to

Make it over twenty years together

It’s an accomplishment

I may never reach

E.A. Fussell


Take a risk

Wings never used

Can never soar

Without risk of falling

A bird would never learn to fly

What limb are you clinging to

Afraid of falling

Not wanting to mess things up

No matter how ugly things get

They can still become beautiful

Spread your wings

Take a chance

Let go of that branch

And fly

E.A. Fussell


Pondering a Glass

People seem to like to state

Their opinion regarding a glass

Contemplating whether

It is half full or half empty

Why is it never over flowing

Some say it’s refillable

What about replaceable

A few things seldom mentioned

It’s size or lack thereof

Think about it

A shot glass

A wine goblet

A quart mason jar

Half-full for one could be

Multiple fills for another

It’s cost or value

What is it made of

Melamine plastic or

Antique crystal

Where did the glass come from

Was it a family heirloom

Or an impulsive purchase

So many more questions

Could be posed regarding the glass

It’s interesting how we cling to ideas

Simplifying complex theories

Imagining we have made

A profound statement

Instead of diving Into a thing

Viewing it from all angles

What might happen

If we switched up

Took time to think


Analyze our concepts

Of a theory

Or saying

And of course

There is the important point

That the glass is really not

A glass at all

E.A. Fussell


Rhythm of Falling

Falling can be beautiful

In rain, autumn leaves, snow

In love, I suppose

But falling can also be

Scary, destructive, ugly

Most things in life

Are that way

Dynamically opposite

Good, bad

Beautiful, ugly

Love, hate

And they are also

Frighteningly the same

What makes it so

The thought or the feeling

Can one exist without the other

Can we hold a thought

Without experiencing any feeling

Can we experience a feeling

Without having any thought

Can we love without hating

If there is no ugliness

How would we recognize beauty

Does good exist

Because evil fights to prevail

Is pondering such things

A waste of mind

Or a profound expenditure of time



Cells You Are

Change is happening
Within and without
Every single day
Whether or not we acknowledge
Or recognize it
At a cellular level we are changing
Our cells are dying and regenerating
Sometimes their change is dramatic
Sometimes it is very subtle
Environmental Influencers and
Nutritional elements can
Create illness and disease or
Health and vitality
Repeated daily
Stack up
To impact
We have the ability to impact
Our cellular change
Through our daily choices

E.A. Fussell

Self adjustment

Pressure gauges
Play an important role in construction
There is a safe range from
Just above too little to
Just below too much
Pipes are at the mercy
Of whatever or whoever
Is applying the pressure
Too much
And they will break apart

“Applied pressure”
Reminds me of life
Sometimes the pressure is from
An external source or event
Outside our control
Sometimes the pressure is from
Internal thoughts or goals
Isn’t it great that unlike pipes
We can choose
To adjust the pressure ourselves
Before we are broken

E.A. Fussell