Versions of Life in Three Rows


I live like the women in the front row

Full on, fearless, loving it


Like the women in the second row

At a distance from risk, safe

But mostly enjoying myself


Like the women in the third row

Going through the motions

Wrapped up in surviving


I wonder

Is it possible to live every minute

In the first row

Or is a little third row needed

Here and there for comparison

Are there people

Who never experience

Life in the first row or the third

Life is a rollercoaster ride

The sum of it

Can be determined

By where we choose to sit

E.A. Fussell


Yinglong on the Yangtze

In the foggy mist

Of the ancient dawn

The dragon’s breath

Was hard to see

As we poled our sampan

On the Yangtze

The albatross calling out

A warning screech

Drew our attention

There we saw Yinglong

Towering over the valley

Wings ready to take flight

We watched in awe

As he stood in the muted sunlight

Afraid he would see us

As a breakfast morsel

He either didn’t see us

Or chose to let us pass

Either way

We will remember

This haunting scene forever

And each time of remembrance

We will feel especially blessed

E.A. Fussell


Creation Awareness


Your soul

Does not have to be bound

By three dimensional

Earthly existence

Your mind

Is what makes you believe

Your soul is trapped

Inside your body

But at any given moment

You can transcend the shackles

Of your mind

And experience all of creation

Resting in your very essence

Quietly waiting

For you to discover

You are a part of all things

All things are a part of you

Sit quietly

Let awareness show you

How magnificent

You were created to be

E.A. Fussell


Waiting for the Dance

People wonder why

I choose to me alone

At this time in my life

It’s difficult for them

To understand

That I’m waiting

To find someone

Similar to me

Who’s roots have never taken hold

Because he was waiting for me

When we find each other

Our roots will entwine

And run deeper

Than they ever could have alone

E.A. Fussell


Choosing better, as we age

Minute by minute

We are changing at a cellular level

Little things can make a difference

Like choosing more

Vegetables and fruit

Instead of sugary snacks

Walking, hiking, biking, swimming

Moving daily

In any way that

Refreshes the body and mind

Our cells are going to change


And our choices do affect

The change we experience

Weight, skin, organs, tissue

Are impacted by our choices

Environment, exercise, nutrition

Play a role and compound the effect

Of choices made

Over the years

The effects of bad choices

Start showing up


Aging brings on its own challenges

When coupled with years

Of youthful neglect

I now have to consciously choose

To try and repair the damage

And prevent further deterioration

Of my body, yes, but

More importantly of my mind

Breaking old habits

That have been reinforced

By years of bad choices

Requires diligence and dedication

Some days go great

Some days not do much

My desire to age in a quality way

Keeps me moving forward

Shaking off the bad days

Rejoicing in the good ones

Knowing that each day

Presents itself anew

And allows me

Another opportunity

To cleanse my system

And my vitality renew

E.A. Fussell


Flowery Friendship

When I scroll through your texts from the past three years or so. Pictures of flowers color my screen. Almost daily you have sent me a virtual flower. Wild ones from your walks, gardened ones from your mom’s yard, random ones you like. You are a dear friend and I can no longer see a flower of any kind without thinking of you. I’m not sure what makes a person as consistent as you are but I am thankful to be on the receiving end of your consistency.

E.A. Fussell


Masked by Illusion

They mask us up

We play along

Dancing in step

To their safety song

While all along

It’s being over played

By numerous parties



There is a deadly virus

But not the one

Being put on display in front of us

The truly fatal one

Is less easily seen

Through all the smoke and mirrors

Ranging from onerous to obscene

Large amounts of wealth

Power and position

Are shifting hands

Behind the scenes

In a massive plan

Binding and gaging us

With one hand

As the other

Rakes in the gold

That will eventually leaves us

All out in the cold

Unable to function

Without government direction

Freedom is an illusion

That is slowly loosing its hold

As tyranny takes over

In the form of a safety cover

E.A. Fussell


Protect yourself

Why are you complaining

About people

Sucking the life out of you

When you are giving them

The straws

Stop allowing others

To drain your energy

Lower your vibration

And dull your sparkle

Be an environmentalist

For yourself

Ban straws

And stop complaining

E.A. Fussell