If variety is the spice of life

It looks like 2020

Will be a spicy year

Diving into new markets

Is always fun

It makes my world colorful

And brings me lots of cheer

Building dreams

For people young or old

They want a home and

I’m looking for “SOLD”

E.A. Fussell



Age doesn’t matter

You are beautiful

In your own unique way

Own it

Trust it

Flaunt it


Like your hips move mountains

Let them sway


Like your lips are liquid velvet

Let them tempt and tease


Like your voice is a symphony

Let it encourage others to dance


Straight into their eyes

Let them see the universe in you


Like you’re on top of the world

Because you are

E.A. Fussell



God is a jealous God. He wants your love.

Satan is God’s enemy. He loves to mock God and wants to steal your love and time from God. That old devil will try every way he can to deceive you and distract you by setting other things up in your thoughts to take priority over God.

Take a moment to ponder how often you expressed love for our Heavenly Father this past week. You had 168 hours, how much of it was invested in your relationship with our Heavenly Father?

Did you find yourself lost in life, feeling like there was just not enough time to do all the things you needed to get done? The idea that we are “too busy” is one of the greatest tools Our enemy has created to get inside our minds and manipulate us. I am guilty of falling into this trap, are you?

What might happen this week if you and I make a conscious effort to spend focused time with God?

Praying, reading His Word, worshiping Him during a walk in nature, helping someone, studying a scripture, sitting quietly and listening for His Spirit, dancing joyously through our home as we sing praises to His holy name.

There are so many ways to love God when we aren’t distracted by other thoughts and priorities.

E.A. Fussell


Tempting Eyes

Those eyes

What hides behind them

A kind heart

A jealous soul

A brilliant mind

An empty hole

How did I conjure you

Are you my ultimate fantasy

Or a pending nightmare

There’s only one way to know

Dive into the depth of those eyes

But would I survive this time

The choice is mine

I choose to walk away

Continue on my own

Release you back to the world

Let someone else discover

Who you really are

I am content with who I am

Without you

After all

You’re just a fantasy

E.A. Fussell


Mind Games

The Internet; it could be a wonderful learning tool advancing society and improving us as people. But mostly it reminds us of how far we haven’t come, tries to convince us of how inadequate we are, feeds us lies as if they are fact, crams the enemies plan into our minds and down our throats, distracts us so that we are thinking about his garbage and speaking his gibberish instead of dwelling in the peace and joy of the Truth.

E.A. Fussell