Hard Workers

Shout-out to all the hardworking men and women who have made this country great even when what they were working with may not have been the greatest. If it wasn’t for folks like them, and us, America would never have been as blessed as she has been.

Regardless of what’s happening in the world, or in our own personal lives, hard-workers like us still show up each day and give it our all. We may not stand on the corner and shout-out our beliefs, but it doesn’t mean we don’t have an opinion or that we won’t take a stand when it’s necessary. We’re just too busy with our purpose to get bogged down in the illusion of the latest national crisis painted by a biased and blatantly fake media.

What might happen if we, the hard-workers, forget who we are and start sitting on our butts, buying into the latest popular argument or disaster, getting stuck, afraid, depressed, as we observe the chaos around us instead of moving forward with whatever we have to do that is clearly right in front of us? There would be a true crisis if we decided to listen to the lies of the media mongers.

If the hard-workers like us ever decide to stop working. The wheels of this giant invisible tax producing machine that whirls around us unseen would truly breakdown. And the circus that feeds on it would not even be able to afford a cheap clown.

E.A. Fussell


The universe never asked you to struggle. It is simply answering your mood.

If we change our internal feeling we can change our atmosphere. This only works for ourselves. It may have a positive impact on others, but we can’t hold ourselves back trying to help or change someone else. Each of us has our own path, sometimes we are blessed to share it with loved ones. Sometimes we must walk it alone.

There will always be roses in some form along our path, whether we are together or alone. If we carry the wrong feelings it may look like a bramble bush instead of a rose bush. The right feeling serves as a pair of gloves and a set of garden clippers allowing us to cut thru the chaos straight to the stem and the beauty of the rose.

How quickly we get past our thorns and harvest our roses is up to us.

E.A Fussell

Plans Change

Sunday’s I take some time

To refresh and renew my mind

In order to survive

When this week’s plans

Buck and turn

And try to toss me

In the dirt

I’ll be ready

Holding on tight

Digging in my heels

To give this week

One hell-of-a-ride

E.A. Fussell


Photo by Larry Pagett, LP Photography


Staring at this new addition

To my in-home gym

Thankful but anxious

It’s been years

Since I skipped rope

Age whispers in my ear

Are you crazy

Have you completely

Lost your mind


Maybe not

Determination sets in

A louder voice replies

Stop letting your potential

Go to waste

You are a powerhouse

Stop waiting to feel ready

You might not be speedy

But you can still skip

Just go at the pace you can go

Getting started is the hardest part

Pick up the rope

Twirl it around

Step over it


Don’t let age

Be your defeat




The existence and ripening of a fruit,

Or idea,

Or relationship

Does not happen instantly

Each has its own season

Its own time

Speeding up the process

Results in a high rate of failure

Trying to rush a grape to fullness

Might rip it from its vine

Technological advances

And man made devices

Cause us to forget

God created the natural world

With its own set of laws

Established by the highest intelligence

Functioning at a divinely designated pace

Arrogantly man tries to alter that design

Thinking he doesn’t have time

To wait

Technology puts answers at our fingertips


We are bombarded with news, facts, lies


We can order whatever we want


We can speak to a person across the world


So much information to wade through


This Instant world we live in

Programs us to discount time

Time is the most valuable thing we have

In rushing it

We miss the essence of life

We move through each day

Focused on our next task or our last

Suddenly a week has passed then another

Fourteen sunrises

Fourteen sunsets

They don’t happen instantly

Each has its time

Nature keeps functioning

Regardless of our tasks

Regardless of whether we notice

Regardless of how instantly

We live our lives

Twice a day creation plays across the sky

For all to see with the naked eye

How blessed we are

Whatever you long for

Dream of or need

I wish you fertile soil

In which to plant your seed

May it grow to fruition

Grow tall and strong

Be all you hoped for


Of course I pray,

It doesn’t take too long

E.A. Fussell