Watching Backwards Into The Future

The past went that way…

When a new situation in business

Or a new personal relationship

Faces us

On the heels of disappointing ones

We often look into

The rear view mirror of our mind

To glimpse our most recent past

Trying to see where we went wrong

Trying to avoid making

The same mistakes over again

We watch backwards into the future

Creating a distorted vision

Of what might be

Creating unnecessary speed bumps

On the road to success

Note to self:

Keep your eyes forward

Keep your mind open

Keep your passport updated

Keep your heart free

E.A. Fussell


“It’s okay to be different”

We all are in some way

When I was very young

I tried to conform

But when I became a teenager

I took a different path

And each decade

Since the

My thought path grows

And the distance between

Conforming and being different




A few years back

Life whispered in my ear

Go live on a boat

I hesitated

Life took the boat away

Now I stand here

Looking at this beauty

Wondering where I might be

Had I listened

Took a chance

Rode the wind and waves

Instead of staying safely

Planted ashore

On the side considered lee

E.A. Fussell


Running From Ghosts

I begin to believe

In love again


Like jagged shards

Of broken glass

Your memory

Cuts through my mind

We were young

So in love

At one time

Unbridled passion


Drawn together

Your voice

Your eyes

Your touch


We had such big plans

We knew what we wanted

And we went after it

But we didn’t realize the cost

When we had very little

We still had each other

When we had everything

We lost ourselves

We lost each other

We lost everything

Hearts shattered

So badly broken


When someone whispers

Passionately in my ear

Of how much they love me

And want to take care of me

All I can hear

Are distant screams

Of what it sounds like

When passionate whispers

Turn to hateful insults

And the sweet soul

Standing in front of me

Professing to love me

Wanting to share life with me

Cannot understand


One moment

I am embracing them

As tightly as I can

And the next

I am running away

As fast as I can

They cannot hear

The ghosts from my past

Haunting me



Maybe I’ve never

Really been in love

I wonder

If we were really in love

How could we

Have hurt each other

So much

E.A. Fussell


True story:

“This is the gentlest one in the barn.”

My beautiful red haired sister assured me as I mounted the seemingly docile horse and prepared to pretend like I was a ranch worker and help gather up some cattle. Not long in the saddle, feeling a little confident, enjoying the scenery, “the gentlest one in the barn” decided to take me on a Wild West rodeo ride around the pasture.

I managed to hold on and not fall off long enough for my beautiful red haired sister to ride close enough to get the reins and force the raring and bucking creature to come to a stop. I jumped off and skirted out of the way and then my beautiful red haired sister took “the gentlest one in the barn” on one hell-of-a-ride.

Sometimes we enter a situation

Falsely believing we are safe

Then something happens

Life starts bucking like a wild horse

And even though

We are scared to death

We grab the saddle horn

Imagine we are fearless

Manage to hold on

Without falling off

And fate loves us for it

Sometimes we enter a situation

Knowing the risk

Facing the danger full on

We saddle-up

Ready for the bucking to start

Welcoming it


And fate loves us for it

Fate loves the fearless

Regardless of whether

We knew

We had it in us or not

E.A. Fussell