Foolish thinking

If I throw a tantrum
And runaway
Can I hangout with you
For a day or two

Yes I know we’re too old
For such foolishness
But what if I bring an offering
Fresh flowers and hot coffee

Yes, it’s just a fantasy
I will remain where I am
But foolish thinking helps
Get me through Mondays

E.A. Fussell

I am my Choices

Choices create our reality
Choices got us here and
Choices can take us there

What we daily choose
Moves us closer to or
Further from our goal

Stay on plan, or don’t
The choice is ours to make
What reality will we create?

E.A. Fussell


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Time & mind

Will not solve your problem
But if you are one of those
Who thinks it will
Ponder this

You already have many
Of the same things
Billionaires have
Two important ones
Include time and mind

Twenty-four hours in a day
The same amount of time as
Every other soul on earth
Rich or poor
No one has more

You have the same
Human mind as everyone else
Rich or poor
It can transform any thought
Into an experience

When you truly comprehend
Living a rich life
Has nothing to do with money
You will have more

You already own the key
All you have to do is
Unlock your mind
What you are thinking helped
Get you where you are

Change your thoughts
Create new feelings
Take positive action
Get desired results
Thoughts help create your life

Look yourself in the eye
The clock is ticking
How are you investing your
Most precious gifts time and

E.A. Fussell


The third season of the year
When crops are gathered and
Leaves show us
Just how beautiful
Change can be
And then the trees
Set an example of
Letting go

A period of maturity or
Incipient decline
Aging has this same season
And some of us are in it
Daily deciding how we age
Gracefully, poorly, radically
The choice is ours
Radically sounds good to me

The Autumn air is brisk
Heralding transformation
Reminding us how quickly
Time is passing
It’s imperative to get serious
Release old ways of thinking
Let go of societal programming

Reframe the meaning
Of growing older
Break boundaries
Tear down old beliefs
Bulldoze through
Pre-conceived notions
That create mental obstacles
Stagnating, holding us back
From living our best life

We are valuable and capable
We have lived through
Everything life has thrown at us
We are courageous
We have untapped talents
Waiting to be explored
Let us explore them and
Fully embrace the season of

E.A. Fussell

Even deeper

This life is not practice
If I had understood that sooner
I would have:
Let go of my ego
Taken better care of my body
Laughed at fear
Written more poetry
Danced to every song played
Cussed less
Loved more
Smiled in the middle of pain
Loved even deeper


The Backside

Often we hide the mess of our lives and only show the good side. Social media filters make everything look beautiful, almost too beautiful. Life isn’t always beautiful. Sometimes it’s really messy, and disappointing, and hard. But we get through it and make the most of whatever we are dealing with.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could set aside our ego and share some of the messiness? Understanding that something we share may help someone else realize they are not alone.

I celebrate your good side, the side you are happy to share and I accept your messy side, the side you keep to yourself. It’s okay, I understand, I have difficulties and disappointments too.

In the future I will find the courage to be more vulnerable and show some of the backside of my life, the messy side, the things I face and overcome to make the front side more presentable.

E.A. Fussell