When Sense Ratios Change, People Change

Ponder this:

Our central nervous system

A mass of impulses and messages

Flowing constantly

Processing information at warp speed

Connected to the eyes

Can be effected by environment

Media bombards us

With negative images

Evoking an imbalance

In the ratio of our sense preceptors

By overloading us

With negative information

The media changes the ratio

Of our sense preceptors

When sense ratios change

People change

Bombarded by negative information

We become more negative

As individuals, as a society, as a nation

But remember

When sense ratios change

People change

What might happen if

We turned off the media

And took for ourselves

A few minutes

During our waking hour and

Prior to sleep

To gaze at images which inspire us

And listen to music that moves us

And think on things pure and lovely

And fill our central nervous system

With positive information

That we dream on and awaken to

If we did this for a day, week, longer

What might happen to us

As individuals, a society, a nation?

E.A. Fussell


Watching Backwards Into The Future

The past went that way…

When a new situation in business

Or a new personal relationship

Faces us

On the heels of disappointing ones

We often look into

The rear view mirror of our mind

To glimpse our most recent past

Trying to see where we went wrong

Trying to avoid making

The same mistakes over again

We watch backwards into the future

Creating a distorted vision

Of what might be

Creating unnecessary speed bumps

On the road to success

Note to self:

Keep your eyes forward

Keep your mind open

Keep your passport updated

Keep your heart free

E.A. Fussell


True story:

“This is the gentlest one in the barn.”

My beautiful red haired sister assured me as I mounted the seemingly docile horse and prepared to pretend like I was a ranch worker and help gather up some cattle. Not long in the saddle, feeling a little confident, enjoying the scenery, “the gentlest one in the barn” decided to take me on a Wild West rodeo ride around the pasture.

I managed to hold on and not fall off long enough for my beautiful red haired sister to ride close enough to get the reins and force the raring and bucking creature to come to a stop. I jumped off and skirted out of the way and then my beautiful red haired sister took “the gentlest one in the barn” on one hell-of-a-ride.

Sometimes we enter a situation

Falsely believing we are safe

Then something happens

Life starts bucking like a wild horse

And even though

We are scared to death

We grab the saddle horn

Imagine we are fearless

Manage to hold on

Without falling off

And fate loves us for it

Sometimes we enter a situation

Knowing the risk

Facing the danger full on

We saddle-up

Ready for the bucking to start

Welcoming it


And fate loves us for it

Fate loves the fearless

Regardless of whether

We knew

We had it in us or not

E.A. Fussell


Come Play With Me

Come play with me

For a little while

Let’s see what we can see

Throw caution to the wind

Forget that we’re just friends

We’ll transform ourselves

From caterpillars trudging along

To butterflies in a beautiful song

Come play with me

We’ll laugh, and dance

Do something crazy

Take a chance

Maybe we’ll scale a mountain peak

Go swimming in oceans deep

Maybe we’ll explore castles and caverns

Or spend the night shooting billiards

In a local tavern

Come play with me

No expectations

No what-happens-next questions

Just two people enjoying the moment

Living life on a whim

Don’t think about it

Just jump in

Come play with me

E.A. Fussell


No Sugar Required

One of my friends

Is always looking for

An old Sugar Daddy

Someone to

Pay her bills

Buy her gifts

Treat her special

But all she ends up with

Are young Splenda Daddy’s

Ones that can barely

Take care of themselves

I’ll admit

I’ve thought about

What it might be like

To have someone

To take care of me

But then I realized

I already do

He’s the Author of Creation

I’m the daughter of a King

Whatever I ask for

If I believe

I receive…..

No sugar required

E.A. Fussell


Matthew 7:7-8 KJV