Youthful Memories

Apparently the Officer that stopped me for speeding was unaware that the speed limit changes when you’re listening to AC/DC. His annoyed response was, “I’ll tell you what I do know, if you don’t slow down you won’t be Back-in-Black, you’ll be Arriving-in-Blue, as in the backseat of my patrol car.”

….possible memory from my youth while driving a brown 1978 Trans-Am with the T-tops off, AC/DC blasting over the sound system, and trying to get a friend home before curfew.

E.A. Fussell


Pick It Up

On my way to work this morning I stopped to get a cup of coffee and found this penny. I always pick up pennies or other coins now regardless of what side is facing up. When I was young I heard that a face up coin was good luck but a face down coin was bad luck. If I ran across one that was face down I started turning it face up so the next person would pick it up for good luck. Now that I am older I pick them all up regardless of which way they are facing because I have learned to forget foolish superstition and read the penny. Look at what it says:



Thank you Lord for every surprise penny, every reminder, you place in my path that If I put my trust in You, You will take care of me.




God is a jealous God. He wants your love.

Satan is God’s enemy. He loves to mock God and wants to steal your love and time from God. That old devil will try every way he can to deceive you and distract you by setting other things up in your thoughts to take priority over God.

Take a moment to ponder how often you expressed love for our Heavenly Father this past week. You had 168 hours, how much of it was invested in your relationship with our Heavenly Father?

Did you find yourself lost in life, feeling like there was just not enough time to do all the things you needed to get done? The idea that we are “too busy” is one of the greatest tools Our enemy has created to get inside our minds and manipulate us. I am guilty of falling into this trap, are you?

What might happen this week if you and I make a conscious effort to spend focused time with God?

Praying, reading His Word, worshiping Him during a walk in nature, helping someone, studying a scripture, sitting quietly and listening for His Spirit, dancing joyously through our home as we sing praises to His holy name.

There are so many ways to love God when we aren’t distracted by other thoughts and priorities.

E.A. Fussell


Garden Imaginings

I went to a garden center this evening just to walk around and imagine the garden I will someday have. Growing things has never been easy for me so I’m not sure why I entertain myself with this fantasy. Mostly I like to think that if I had time to garden I would have time to learn how to make cool garden art like this metal LOVE sign. My artist heart has so many ideas, perhaps one day I will allow it to fully express itself.

E.A. Fussell


Gruene Hall

Gruene (Green) was once a significant cotton producing community along the Guadalupe River. Now it is part of New Braunfels, Texas and primarily a tourist attraction.

In 1845 Ernest Gruene, a German immigrant, and his two sons, purchased land and began building a community as they grew the number one cash crop for the area, cotton.

Gruene Hall became the center of the community’s social life and is the only business that survived the Great Depression and has never closed.

E.A. Fussell



Dear Lord,

As I begin this new week

help me to refuse any

invitations to argue, participate in drama, feel stress, or get tangled up in strife. Guide me in keeping the gate to my mind open and let all those invitations pass right on through without lingering. Allow Your wisdom and righteousness to enter in as I meditate on Your Word. Amen.

E.A. Fussell