Shift your energy

Smile at yourself

Sing a happy song

Skip around the room

Pray for a friend

Think of God’s light

Filling your heart

Cleansing your thoughts

And before you know it

You will be feeling

Uplifted and bright

E.A. Fussell


Thanksgiving Weight

Thanksgiving week has been a blast

Gosh, it sure did go by fast

Too much food upon my plate

Now the scale says

I’ve gained a-bunch-of-weight

Headed back to Texas

Jogging suit in hand

Hit the gym early each morning

That’s my plan

I offer you my apologies

In advance

For the motivational posts

You are sure to glance

As I talk-to-myself-out-loud

While I plan and gauge

How to make myself proud

By New Years Day

E.A. Fussell


Focused Thoughts

Man’s thoughts

Are like a thousand butterflies

Sometimes they are scattered


Flitting here and there

Visiting a pretty flower

Then an interesting idea

Over to a fun activity

Back to a pretty flower

Having no real direction

But when his thoughts are

Focused on one thing

One idea

One goal

One purpose

His thoughts can lift him higher

Than he ever imagined

E.A. Fussell