Come Play With Me

Come play with me

For a little while

Let’s see what we can see

Throw caution to the wind

Forget that we’re just friends

We’ll transform ourselves

From caterpillars trudging along

To butterflies in a beautiful song

Come play with me

We’ll laugh, and dance

Do something crazy

Take a chance

Maybe we’ll scale a mountain peak

Go swimming in oceans deep

Maybe we’ll explore castles and caverns

Or spend the night shooting billiards

In a local tavern

Come play with me

No expectations

No what-happens-next questions

Just two people enjoying the moment

Living life on a whim

Don’t think about it

Just jump in

Come play with me

E.A. Fussell


Weekend Get Togethers

There’s nothing quite like a weekend with old friends. Frolicking and laughing, catching up on what’s new in each other’s lives and remembering days gone by. In a few weeks I will host a get together and as I am preparing our itinerary it causes me to think about each person. Who they are, what they like as I try to make sure there is something fun for everyone. It is heart warming for me to revisit the memories we’ve already made as I prepare the course for new experiences and new memories that are on their way.

E.A. Fussell


Words like Seeds

In the garden of life

There are flowers

And there are weeds

The flowers offer encouragement

Love and support

Planting words that grow like seeds

Rippling thru my mind

Returning when I need to hear them again

The weeds try to get me to focus

On my weakest points

Like jealousy, anger, resentment

Stealing joy, causing me not to trust

Then at just the right moment

A flower springs forth

Displacing the weed

Encouraging me, making me smile

Planting positive words

That grow like seeds

And fill my soul and mind and being

With joy and and love

And the desire to be

A beautiful flower

In someone else’s garden

Planting encouraging words like seeds