White Sneakers

The box lid opened

I lay there in wonder

What the hell am I doing

I should be six feet under

They didn’t listen

When I said no funeral

They dressed me up

Put me on display

Now here I lay

Looking at my feet

Trying not to see

The people

Peering in at me

Why didn’t they come see me

When I was alive

Even if it was

A very long drive

Nope, I can’t do this

Too many faces

Too many years

Too many tears


I will focus on my feet

Who the hell picked my shoes

I would rather see my toes

White sneakers

The worst color

They’ll be dirty way too soon

One good thing that I see

No laces

That suits me

I wonder what will happen

If i just get up and go

How will any of these people

Ever even know

Come on sneakers

It’s time to go

It’s a weird thing

To see yourself

Lying in a coffin

Your loved ones gathered in one place

This doesn’t happen often

A twinge of anger

Or is it regret

As I drift upward

And try to forget



That’s good right

Come on sneakers

Let’s go toward the light

The light seems to be fading

We’ve got to run fast

I understand why I’ve got on

White sneakers at last

Run sneakers run

Let nothing get in our way

Hurry up sneakers

We get to see God today

E.A. Fussell


(Poetry exercise, topic: sneakers)

Crows Feet 2

Crows feet



On my roof

In the trees

On the street

Smart little birds

Communicating without saying a word



What omen to impart

Are you telling me

To open up my heart

Or keep it closed

Locked down tight

As you take your flight

Will you return

Or leave me here to burn

In speculation

What is your destination

What is mine

I’ve lost all sense of time

Yet time marches on

Crows feet



On a more sensitive surface

The surface of my skin

Smart little birds

Communicating without saying a word

E.A. Fussell


(2nd 5 minute poem exercise with topic crows feet)

Crows Feet 1

Spring is almost here

Fall reflects itself in my mirror

The crows feet upon my face

Have left their dubious trace

Spring is drawing near

The fever to roam familiar

The crows feet mark a warning

Not many days left will be dawning

Spring, when it comes each year

Brings reminders of youth

And lack of fear

The crows feet get deeper

Reminders that a good life is cheaper

Than one lived on the edge

Always teetering on a ledge



(1st 5 minute poem exercise with topic crows feet)

Anywhere You take me

Sand between my toes

Can sun streak grey hair?

Snow falling on my nose

Lots of memories to share

Ocean breezes

Sing me to sleep

Rain falls on tin

Making a rhythmic beat

Mountain ranges

Brilliant colors

Stoney caverns

Lakes of blue


You take me

I will always go

E.A. Fussell


Focus on One Thing

Learning how to block time

Each day

And focus on one thing

One specific life intention

One aspect of work

One area of self improvement

Easier said than done

This focusing on just one

Theory says

Great gains can be made

In a short amount of time

If we focus on one thing

Set aside distractions

Dedicate our mind

To thinking on one thing

Dedicate our body

To practicing one thing

Theory says

That’s how experts

Become experts

Ignoring distractions

Pushing them

Out of the way

To focus on one thing

For a specific period of time

Each and every day

It has been my experience

Focusing on just one

Is easier said than done

E.A. Fussell



Have you ever taken a verse with you throughout the year? Pondering it, meditating on it, studying it? Looking up each individual word in the verse? Thinking about the time in which it was written? Analyzing every aspect of it, culturally, philosophically, emotionally? Reciting it daily? Living it?

This will be my first year doing that. The idea may not be new to you but it just came into my conscious thought this morning. As an eclectic reader many genres cross my path, however, Bible study is consistently on my current reading list.

My 2019 verse is from the King James Bible (authorized version of 1611). When the initial thought occurred, the task of choosing one scripture from 23,145 verses seemed like a challenging task, formidable even.

Thankfully, and interestingly, the verse chose me. The Holy Spirit presented it to me, or the universe conspired to put the right thought followed a few moments later by the right verse in front of me, or the angels assigned to me know what I need to focus on this year and made sure it came into my consciousness. Any one, or all, of these things could be true.

Each year it seems my mind has gotten busier, racing from thought to thought, topic to topic. Focusing on one thing has become more difficult. There is so much information readily available via the printed word, audio, and the World Wide Web. Accumulating and layering the information by reading, listening, searching is easy; absorbing the information, not so easy. Absorbing requires focus, lack of distraction, commitment, conscious thinking, sub-conscious programming, dedication, discipline.

Distractions are so plentiful and often very subtle, to the point that we don’t even realize we are being distracted. Then suddenly the year is gone and we didn’t get to half of the things on our todo list, or even fully absorb one thing.

Absorbing one verse throughout the entire year, focusing on it daily without distractions, is that even possible to accomplish in this world?

When God speaks we should listen. He speaks to us in so many ways but we usually don’t, can’t, even hear Him because we are distracted. This time His direction was clear: continue to study and take one verse with you throughout 2019; a few minutes later the verse was revealed to me.

Romans 12:9 will be my 2019 scripture verse. This morning documentation began as I read Bullinger’s reference notes and appendixes, looked up each word using Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance, pondered my dad’s interpretation of the verse and formed my own initial interpretation of how the verse applies to my life right now.

The understanding of how perfect this verse is for me at this moment in time confirmed that the conscious thought of taking a verse with me throughout the year, followed by a specific verse being revealed, all came from my Creator. It always delights my soul that God knows me so well and reaffirms my belief that He wants an intimate personal relationship with each one of us.

Taking this verse with me on my daily journey through the next year will challenge my commitment and test my obedience. It is a simple yet complex verse that can have impacts of great magnitude, IF it is absorbed through focus and dedication.

Time will tell.

Happy New Year!

E.A. Fussell


Romans 12:9 KJV

Let love be without dissimulation. Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good.