Aging brings understanding

Many years ago I had a love

That was a true love

That could have been beautiful

But I would not let them in

I pushed them away

Shut them out

Afraid of being hurt again

Now as I age

Understanding creeps in

I may never see them again

But in my heart they remain

And they occupy a little piece

Of my brain

Sometimes drifting through

My memories

Reminding me

Many years ago

I had a love true

E.A. Fussell


Mind gripping

We have taken something

That could be used for good

And allowed it to be turned into a

Most dangerous weapon

Squawking screens in various forms

Wearing the cloak of information

Promising updates on the latest




Isn’t it interesting that information

Does not always lead to Understanding

And bad information

Can make intelligent people


We’re searching for the truth

All the while knowing

We never really get the truth

What we get is the latest sensation

Twisted and blown up

Magnified into something that

Attracts or repels

Playing on the senses

Attracting our lower nature

Like a moth to the flame

The false light

Illuminating from a screen

On a tv, computer or phone

Throws off our internal navigation

We stop thinking for ourselves

We start listening to the message

Designed to be sensational

Selling ideas, products, beliefs

Pushing the drug of information

Addictive and poisonous

With an invisible chain

Tied to the controller

Sucking out the brain

While making believe

It is informing us

E.A. Fussell



At times

Motivating myself to exercise

Feels like a a grouper fish

Trying to go for a hike


I get all hyped up to do it

Then the alarm goes off

And the hype crumbles

Into resolve

To try again in the evening

Which rolls into the next cycle

Of hyping myself up

And letting myself down

If this rollercoaster of

On-again-off-again motivation

Burned calories

I would be svelte by now

Instead short bursts of progress

Are followed by long plateaus

Which only perpetuate the cycle

This battle with my body

Has plagued me

Since childhood obesity

Warped my self image which

Was harmed further by society’s

Obsession with thin-is-in and

Fit-is-it propaganda

Vogue forbid a female human

Have an ounce of extra poundage

Or an old woman a wrinkle

Ever chasing after

And struggling with transformation

Has been my curse

And thus I awake this morning

For a moment

Winning the tug-of-war inside me

At least for this day

Putting on my sneakers

Pulling on my exercise clothes

Turning on my latest effort

Beachbody Transform :20

And pushing play

E.A. Fussell


Saving the Moon

Three chaps went a boating

On a summer night

Thinking they were on their way

To catch a few big fish

Not knowing they would

Actually save

The moon from a frightful plight

They were drifting with the tide

On a calm sea

Under a star filled sky

Wondering why

No moon was in sight

When they saw a gentle glow

Filling the waves below

They moved closer and closer

To the gentle light

Talking and laughing

As they went

Until the source of the glow

Came clearly into view and

Curiosity gave way to alarm

As they recognized the harm

Suddenly they could see

The moon had fallen into the drink

And was obviously on the brink

Of becoming extinct

Without hope of pulling itself out

The waves slowly rolling in

Unable to swim

It’s light was fading



Reacting quickly

The tall chap stood up

Waved his hat in greeting

Called directions to the others

They followed his orders

And lickety split

Grabbed a casting net

The moon started smiling

Hope renewed

It was watching itself be saved

By an unlikely crew

They got the net in place

Forming a make shift sling

They heave hoed and

The tall chap watched

Through his telescope

As the moon was


Back into space

A big smile on it’s face

As it settled back into place

Far above the earth

Secure once more

And full of light

Thankful to be free

Of the perilous plight

Once again shining bright

For all the world to see

Vowing never again to try and learn

What it would be like to catch a fish

That would just have to remain

A forever wish

E.A. Fussell


Words are inside you

Pickup a pen and write

Or a pencil or a crayon

Or a computer or a phone

Just do it

Don’t worry about

What the rules say

Don’t worry about your spelling

Don’t worry about anything

Just let the words flow

Or pull them out from under

The place they are anchored

In your soul

Words set us apart

From every other creature created

Words are powerful

Words are beautiful

Even when they are ugly

Words need to be released

To express themselves

To paint pictures in our imagination

To save lives

To end relationships

To celebrate friendships

To meet strangers

To be seen and heard and used

Words are the most important tool

We have in advancing humanity

Silent words

Will eventually leave you

Don’t betray what you thought

But were unable to say

When you stuff words down

They will make you ill

They will trouble your mind

Unused words will leave you

With an ache no pill can find

Words were made to be used

Use yours

Display them on a blank page

You will be amazed to see

What you have to say

If you let yourself

Express yourself




For your eyes only

Or for the world

It doesn’t matter

Just write



Let your words create

Good, bad

Colorful, plain

Important, silly

Sane, insane

What do you have to say

Are you filled with hate

Or hope

What wants to come forth

Through you

Bright light

Or the darkest darkness

Emotions, feelings, thoughts

Ranging across the spectrum

Of being human

The greatest of these


It doesn’t matter what

You have to say

Or maybe

It does

E.A. Fussell