Mountains as far as the eye can see

My soul longs to be

Where there are mountains

As far as the eye can see

And sometimes it longs

For sand between my toes

And sunsets along the coast

When I retire I will become

A full blown wanderer

Who experiences the world

In total wonder

Unencumbered by schedule dates

And deadlines

I will take advantage of time

Trekking through the mountains

Camping by a stream

Walking along the coastline

Living my full blown dreams



(Photo by Distant Horizons Photography)


Accountability is one thing that can make the difference between being good or being unstoppable; as an individual or as a business. The newest generation of the workforce was not taught accountability. They are ignorant of how important it is. Their ignorance makes growing a successful company more difficult than it should be. And it makes retirement a target I long for.

E.A. Fussell