There’s Something Sexy About The Rainbows

🎼There’s something sexy

about the rain 🎶


You’re in Texas

In October


Where it has been raining

And raining

And raining

And you’re a building contractor

Driving from jobsite to jobsite






Then Kenny Chesney comes on the radio

Singing about rain

And young love

In a field of sugar cane

And your mind drifts back

To when you were

In South Florida

In a field of sugar cane

Or down a dirt road

In an orange grove

And it was raining

And you were young and in love

And as you drift down memory lane

You have to agree


🎼There’s something sexy

about the rain🎶



Removing the Blindfold

Traveling home

For a long

Holiday weekend

I feel like

A caged bird

Set free

Why do I

Let myself

Get sidetracked

And blindfolded

Only seeing

The next task

Letting my strings

Get pulled by clients

Drowning in

Emails, texts, phone calls

Work, work, work

The world drinks

It in

Without question

By now I should have

Learned my lesson

Taking time to unwind

Travel expands my mind

Family, friends

Fill my heart

New surroundings

Generate new ideas

And as a result

Higher efficiency

Better productivity

Increased profit

So why do I

Let myself

Get sidetracked

And blindfolded

Only seeing

The next task

It’s time

Escaping the glass

Going on a work fast

Catching my breath

Removing the blindfold

Traveling home

I feel like

A caged bird

Set free

E.A. Fussell


Daily Choice

You will often see


Or dusty boots

Upon my feet

Sporting high heels

Is just not for me

At least during the day

Sometimes I see

The office ladies

All dolled up

And it makes me kind of wish


Fancy dresses

And makeup

Were on my daily attire list

But a construction site

Is unforgiving

When you don’t dress the part

If I wear the wrong shoes

And prance around

Trying to avoid

The mud and dust

I won’t get much done

So daily I make my choice

To fill my thermos

Pull on my boots

Grab my gloves

Just go out

And get to it

E.A. Fussell