Removing the Blindfold

Traveling home

For a long

Holiday weekend

I feel like

A caged bird

Set free

Why do I

Let myself

Get sidetracked

And blindfolded

Only seeing

The next task

Letting my strings

Get pulled by clients

Drowning in

Emails, texts, phone calls

Work, work, work

The world drinks

It in

Without question

By now I should have

Learned my lesson

Taking time to unwind

Travel expands my mind

Family, friends

Fill my heart

New surroundings

Generate new ideas

And as a result

Higher efficiency

Better productivity

Increased profit

So why do I

Let myself

Get sidetracked

And blindfolded

Only seeing

The next task

It’s time

Escaping the glass

Going on a work fast

Catching my breath

Removing the blindfold

Traveling home

I feel like

A caged bird

Set free

E.A. Fussell


No Sugar Required

One of my friends

Is always looking for

An old Sugar Daddy

Someone to

Pay her bills

Buy her gifts

Treat her special

But all she ends up with

Are young Splenda Daddy’s

Ones that can barely

Take care of themselves

I’ll admit

I’ve thought about

What it might be like

To have someone

To take care of me

But then I realized

I already do

He’s the Author of Creation

I’m the daughter of a King

Whatever I ask for

If I believe

I receive…..

No sugar required

E.A. Fussell


Matthew 7:7-8 KJV



Surrounded by it

Distracted by it

Annoyed by it


Rushes past

Drags out

Stands still


Is an illusion

Is a mystery

Is so real


Demands attention


Ticks on


Too much

Too little

Never enough

E.A. Fussell



This old photo of a boy at play reminded me of my son and inspired this poem:

Memories of him

When he was a child

Mimicking his dad, Tim,

Will always make me smile

He’s grown-up now

And I don’t see him as much

But I still smile at how

He loved old trucks

And he used to play

For hours on end

Back in the day

When he loved to pretend

E.A. Fussell