Forward motion

Don’t trip over what is

Behind you

Stop glancing back

You’re not going there

Keep moving forward

If you need a break


For a moment

Sit still

Collect yourself

Then move






Crawl if you must

Inch your way ahead

Do whatever it takes

Just don’t go backwards

E.A. Fussell


Self trust

There comes a time

In everyone’s life

To decide

What’s important

What’s worth fighting for

What to let go of

Sometimes it’s the smallest thing

That sets us on this course

Of deciding

Sometimes it’s a big thing

It’s different for each one of us

As we get older

It gets clearer

What we will stand for

What we will ignore

And once we decide

Our focus is laser sharp

Our aim is true

No confusion

Chaos fades around us

We stand firm on our conviction

Others can sense it

Some respect our resolve

Some laugh at our foolishness

Some fear our determination

We only wish

That trust in ourselves had come

Years ago

E.A. Fussell


Sweet Memories

You were

Tall and handsome

I was

Short and shy

But we went together

Like ice cream

And apple pie

All American


Life for us was good

For a time

Then it all fell apart

Without any rhyme

You went your way

And I went mine

But your memory still visits me

The passing of time unable to

Dull it’s sweetness

E.A. Fussell


Be prepared

In the history of calming down
It has been proven
That it’s highly unlikely
Someone will calm down
Simply by being told
To calm down
However, ice cream
Is an effective resource
In calming down
I keep my freezer stocked

E.A. Fussell

(PS: Rebel ice cream is low carb, no sugar added and tastes good)


I choose not to participate in the cliff of fear that masses are being herded toward. A mask will not be seen on my face except maybe a funny mask at halloween, or a training mask when I am exercising in my home gym, or a sexy mask in the bedroom. These masks are by choice at no direction from anyone.

Some are offended by my refusal to conform to society’s direction, they think I have lost my mind in thinking that it’s okay for me to think for myself.

They are the ones who have created this determined Spirit standing defiantly before them and walking freely in the opposite direction.


Springtime’s call

Yes, I see you

Standing there in all your glory

Beckoning me to join the fun

Promising me the freedom

Of a wild run

You come around to visit

This time every year

Bringing feelings of unrest

And longing

The desire to pack a bag

Just go

No particular destination

Time is of no essence

The sun on our backs

The wind in our face

Headed wherever we want

No designated place

Walking the sands of a beach

The mountains for a hike

Throwing a dart at a map

Going wherever we like

Breaking free

Of the ties that bind

Obligations of the mind

Oh how I long to join you

On your wild run

Work has me tethered

So I’ll watch from a distance

Maybe next year

When you come to visit

I won’t hesitate

I will fully participate

Until then I’ll drink you in

Through the color of the wildflowers

And nature’s beauty sublime

Reminding me you are here

Standing in all your glory

Calling to me


E.A. Fussell