A talented woodworker and

An adventurous heart

Reside in a

Most interesting man

I am honored to have met

Look in his eyes

You will be unaware

Of his age

A spark from his youth

Still shines in their depths

Georgia born

His accent

Still rings with charm

Men may miss his appeal

But the ladies

Bring him baked goods

His heart hoping to steal

Such a bundle of life

It surprised me to learn

One of his projects

Was his own wooden coffin

I refused to view it in person

When I was there

To see past his aliveness

Was unthinkable to me

A picture shared today

Revealed the finished box

If I had seen it

Without knowing

It’s purpose

A beautiful work of art

It would appear to be

But knowing

What It’s for

No beauty do I see

He is too alive

He is too real

He is too much of a man

For me to accept

A wooden box

Could ever hold

Such an adventurous

Youthful soul

E.A. Fussell

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