Rolling along

My sister-in-law Phoebe TRIED to warn me how large this cinnamon roll was 😳 (notice the steak knife handle peaking out…I mean when you get a steak knife to cut a cinnamon roll you know it’s big and thick. 🔪 )

Yes, I could have followed Phoebe’s first suggestion to cut a slice and take the rest with me but I opted to follow Phoebe’s second suggestion….dive into the center and enjoy the deliciousness. 😜

This morning I have a slight sugar hangover but nothing like it would have been If I had indulged in the whole thing.

If you are ever in Tulsa, Oklahoma take an hour or so and pop in Dilly Diner, the service is not speedy (don’t plan on your coffee staying hot in your cup) but the food is great. 😍

E.A. Fussell


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