My Kingdom Come

Being alone

It has become my addiction

To tuck myself away from the world

After my work day

Curl up with a good book

Or a mindless show

Turn the ringer off my phone

Escape into a world of thought

Filled with ideas of what I will do when I retire

Hoping I live to see the day

Instead of scheduling subcontractors and chasing materials and solving problems all day

I will fill my time with writing and sketching and creating fountains and exploring the wilderness and making videos and learning new things

I will wade off into the countryside and not be heard from for weeks

Reappearing occasionally to post photos or videos to document what I learn

At one time I thought it might be nice to share life with someone but I have distanced myself to the point that I am no longer interested in sharing myself with any one

There just isn’t enough of me to go around

So I conserve myself and only let a rare few glimpse my world up close

Mostly you must view my kingdom from afar

I will share it with you briefly from time to time and hopefully it will encourage or entertain you for a moment and in that brief moment neither of us will feel alone

E.A. Fussell


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