3 Breaths Meditation

This meditation takes less than three minutes and if done frequently can have a profound impact on your life. Using the word “may” sends two messages to your subconscious:

(1) it expresses the possibility of the statement

(2) it expresses permission, both in asking and receiving (may I, yes you may).

Let’s try it.

Sit quietly. Start with three deep breaths then say each statement one at a time and follow each statement with three deep breaths before saying the next statement:

3 breaths

May I be happy

3 breaths 

May I be well

3 breaths

May I be kind toward my suffering

3 breaths 

May I cultivate more kindness within my heart

3 breaths

May I continue to develop and grow spiritually, emotionally, mentally

3 breaths

That’s how simple it is. How do you feel? You can modify the statements or add to them and create your own personalized meditation. But why not try these for a week and see what they lead you to?


E.A. Fussell


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