Even if you don’t understand

The enemy will try to move you off course, and dishearten you. He will try to make you question yourself and feel unworthy, inadequate, unprepared, afraid, worried. He will try to crush you using whatever weakness is in your flesh.

It’s okay to trust God’s direction even if you don’t understand what He has planned or where He is taking you. It’s okay to take up your sword confidently even when you feel unsure or inadequate. It’s okay to remember you are royalty and worthy to bear arms and fight for your kingdom. It’s okay to stand still, it’s okay to retreat, it’s okay to rush in fiercely. As long as your direction comes from the One you believe in, He will guide you and it will all be okay. Be courageous and let the Lord do what is good in His sight.

1 Chronicles 19:13
Be of good courage, and let us behave ourselves valiantly for our people, and for the cities of our God; and let the Lord do that which is good in his sight.

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