Silent encouragement

Susan, a 33-year-old woman, was stricken blind because of a medical misdiagnosis. She was a beautiful young woman with a lot of ability, a lot of courage, a lot of confidence. But all of a sudden, her world was absolutely crashing around her. She became depressed, her husband who loved her very much, was an officer in the air force. He said, “Honey, we will fight this thing together and you will regain your confidence. You will become the successful, gung-ho person you have always been “ But she was slow in believing that.

Imagine the devastation she was feeling, you have everything going your way and then
suddenly you are completely blind and having to learn a whole new way of living. Her husband said, “I will drive you to your job every day and then I will pick you up in the evening.” It didn’t take him long to realize that simply was not working. The time involvement and the cost was
too prohibitive. One day he dared broach the subject, “Honey, let’s look at you riding the bus.” Susan got really upset, “You’re abandoning me!” He replied gently, “No, I’m not abandoning you,” then continued more strongly, “I know that you can do it and I will go with you, I’ll ride the bus with you for a couple of weeks and teach you everything you need to know to ride the bus by yourself.” For the next two weeks he rode with her and explained every minute detail,
why this noise was here, the steps she had to take there, and all such things.

Finally, the day came when Susan said, “I’m ready.” And she rode the bus by herself to and from work. When she got home, she was ecstatic. Her confidence had returned, and she had not had any difficulties at all. All week she rode the bus alone and each day her confidence grew. On Friday as she started to depart the bus the driver said to her, “You know I really envy you.” Susan turned her head toward the driver. Surely he can’t be talking to me she thought. The driver said, “Yes, I’m talking to you.” Susan asked, “Why on earth would you envy me?” He said, “Because of that wonderful bright young Officer who watches you board the bus every morning and watches you as you get off the bus each afternoon. When he leaves you each day he tips his hat and salutes you. It must be wonderful to have somebody looking after you like that.” Susan smiled.

This reminds me of God, though we cannot see him, we know he is watching over us. Looking after us. Cheering us on. Catching us when we stumble. Encouraging us. Teaching us how to be confident in Him. Giving us direction on how to live. We may have difficulties, heartbreak, and shattered dreams along the way, but how marvelous to know that the God of the Universe cares so much about each one of us.

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