The stump isn’t really there

Once upon a time a farmer was riding his horse up an old road. Suddenly the horse shied when they came to a sawed off stump in the road. From that moment on, every time the horse came to that same stump, he shied. Even though he had safely passed it many times, he still shied. Finally, the farmer dug the stump out, burned it, and leveled the old road. Do know what happened? That’s right, still, every time the horse passed the place where the stump had been, he shied. The stump lived on in the horse’s memory long after it had been removed and was no longer real. Yet in the horse’s mind the fear of the stump was as real as the first time it had startled him.

We are like the horse when something gets stuck in our mind. Fear, past failures, or worry can become our stump, creating a stumbling block on the road to success.

We are also like the farmer, we can be optimistic, look for solutions, remove the stump, and level the road.

The horse’s fear did not diminish the farmer’s optimism that there was a solution to the problem. Likewise, the optimistic solution of the farmer did not alleviate the fear imbedded in the mind of the horse. Two different mindsets. Fear on one side, optimism on the other. They cannot exist at the same time.

Is an old fear, failure, or worry holding you back? Has it gotten control of your thoughts? Which mindset will you choose this day? Hold onto fear or let it go, dig it up, and level your pathway?

You can change your mind. The stumbling block that you think is blocking your path to success is not really there. It is only a thought.

Take action now. Replace fear with faith. No whining or complaining just believe that you can do it and you can. Say to yourself:

“ I have made mistakes and learned a lot from them. My faith replaces fear, right now. It’s time for me to move on. I am ready to reach my full potential. I believe in the power of my creator and the mind I have been blessed with. I choose the right thoughts for me to achieve my desired results. All things work out for my highest and greatest good.”

Believe in yourself like I believe in you.

Much love,
Ann 💕

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