The third season of the year
When crops are gathered and
Leaves show us
Just how beautiful
Change can be
And then the trees
Set an example of
Letting go

A period of maturity or
Incipient decline
Aging has this same season
And some of us are in it
Daily deciding how we age
Gracefully, poorly, radically
The choice is ours
Radically sounds good to me

The Autumn air is brisk
Heralding transformation
Reminding us how quickly
Time is passing
It’s imperative to get serious
Release old ways of thinking
Let go of societal programming

Reframe the meaning
Of growing older
Break boundaries
Tear down old beliefs
Bulldoze through
Pre-conceived notions
That create mental obstacles
Stagnating, holding us back
From living our best life

We are valuable and capable
We have lived through
Everything life has thrown at us
We are courageous
We have untapped talents
Waiting to be explored
Let us explore them and
Fully embrace the season of

E.A. Fussell

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