Pursuing goals

It seems like

Everybody’s out there

Trying to catch that big buck

And I’m just running around

Trying to catch a little rabbit

That sucker dodges here and there

Then sits still

And I’m almost on it

When….pa-Ching…it’s gone again

Moving just out of reach

Sometimes I wonder

Is it the thrill of the chase

Or is it the idea of the catch

That brings us the most satisfaction

In pursuit of a goal

The look on the face

Of those who have

Bagged a big buck

Makes it seem like the catch

Was pretty satisfying

Someone who

Has reached the pinnacle

Of goal achievement

A master big buck hunter

Offered this advice

Don’t get discouraged

Go out there

Chase a rabbit

Go hard after it

Put it in your bag

Chasing rabbits will lead you

Where you want to go

Small successes fuel momentum

They keep you moving forward


You will see

That big buck standing right there


Within your reach

E.A. Fussell



Little green sticker
How you bring me joy
Few will understand
Only a contractor really can

Anticipation, waiting for the word
Did the inspection pass
Knowing that it should
But unable to move forward
Until it’s official

Little green sticker
After all these years
You haven’t lost your hold
You keep me on my toes

Thousands of inspections
It should be rote by now
Still eagerly I wait
Certain but not sure
What the results will be

Little green sticker
Today you were good to me
But there’s always the next time
There’s always wait and see

E.A. Fussell

Cause and effect

This lovely tightly bound lily along my walking path reminded me of how I have been feeling and inspired this poem:

Rain falls
Flowers spring forth
Some with buds tightly bound
Time passes
Growth happens
Forcing the bud open
When it is ready
It will bloom beautifully
For a season
Then go into it’s resting phase
Until another season comes

Some of us are like this bud
We’ve had other seasons
Where we bloomed brightly
We’ve had our resting phase
But now
We hold onto ourselves
Not quite ready
Bound tightly
Keeping our beauty hidden
Until we are ready to bloom again

Time passes so quickly
As we age
Growth is a little slower
Our bodies can’t always reflect
The strength of our mind, our heart
We can choose to embrace
The freedom of unfolding
The joy of feeling
The sun
And the rain
On our beautiful seasoned face

E.A. Fussell

To each his own

People hear what they want to hear


Of the words actually spoken

People see what they believe


Of what is actually visible

Learning to accept this fact

Is one of the skills

I am beginning to master

E.A. Fussell



There is a part of me
That wants to
Jump up and down
At the top of my lungs
For people to wake up
They would not hear me
They don’t believe
They are being fooled
So let them wallow
In their self made misery
I will quietly revolt
My Savior would not
Have worn a mask
He would walk knowingly
Into the midst
Having full authority
Which he imparts to
His Believers
Yes, full authority
Over the enemy
Over fear
Over lies
Over darkness
I will walk knowingly
Mask free
Even if it means
I cannot enter
A grocery store
Or any public building
I will not live in fear and
I will not allow them
To minimize my Belief
Because they choose
To give up their power



What you believe
Is what you will see
The illusion in front of you
Is shaped by you
What you accept as real
What you negate
It is all up to you
Don’t whine about your circumstances
Take control of your mind
Do it today
Create your own reality

E.A. Fussell