Broken Spoke



And away we go

Texas two steppin’

At the Broken Spoke

It’s an old fashioned dance hall

Where manners abound

Old fashioned music

Where they’re serious

About two steppin’

They’re not messin’ around

If you love to dance

And you’re in Austin, Texas

Put on your boots

Put on your Stetson

Head over to the Broken Spoke

You can even take a lesson

Then grab a dance partner

And meet some really nice folks

Don’t worry ladies

There’s plenty of dance partners

In a variety of ages

E.A. Fussell




The Bible, Poetry, Mark Twain


Aloud, to yourself, on a plane


Classics, Biography, Phyiscs


Daily, for an hour or a few minutes


Expand your mind


Change your life


Learn about where you are


Learn about the universe and stars


Your vision will grow


Doesn’t matter if you’re fast or slow


You’ve got nothing to loose

And you might find

Things begin to change

With the power of your mind

E.A. Fussell


Same but not the Same

The nature of rain

Does not change

Whether it falls on



Giant Redwood trees

Or tiny little seeds

The nature of dirt

Does not change

Whether it covers

The roots of





And yet

What is produced

From the same rain

From the same dirt

Is definitely not the same

Be it beauty or brawn

A lovely garden

Or an unkempt lawn

What’s housed inside

A tiny seed

Determines what

It’s nature will be

And so it is

With human beings

The same dirt

In which we play

The same rain

Upon us falls


We are not the same

We are different

One and all

Our nature

Hidden deep inside

The tiny seed

From whence we came

Influenced to some degree

By our environment

By our own thoughts

By our choices

But at our core

We are destined to be

Whatever it is

That we truly are

E.A. Fussell


You vs You

Same old story

The couch won out

I was on a roll

Then I got worn-out

Took a few days to recoup

Turned into months

Where did all that time go?

Now I’m feeling really stupid

All my fitness progress

Got lost in a few moments

The older I get the harder it is

To dedicate time

To go to the gym

I know

The battle is all in my mind

Well, my dear cousin Debora

Has inspired me

To start over again

It won’t be easy

I might be slow

But all I have to do now

Is get my butt off the couch

And go

Knowing she is doing the same

Will keep me moving

Even if it’s in the slow lane

I’ve set a goal

Squats, planks, running

And handstands

Yes, handstands

By my birthday

In mid-May

Telling myself

“You can do it!

No, you’re not too old!”

E.A. Fussell


Save Me A Seat

Save me a seat

I’ll be along in a little while

The miles between us are light years

But I can still see your sweet smile

There’s a big table

Y’all are gathered round

The echoes of laughter

Make such a beautiful sound

I see Grandpa and Granny

Uncles, aunts, and a few cousins too

There’s my best friend Sherry

Who parted way too soon

Gosh I sure do miss you

Age is catching up with me

Makes it easier to believe

In a life that follows after

Yes, I can see

Large tables

Where loved ones gather

Y’all save me a seat

I’ll be along in a little while

E.A. Fussell


Live Life

The hardest part is deciding

Deciding how I would really like

Like to life my life

Life has taught me hard lessons

Lessons of not attaching

Attaching to things or people

People come and go

Go and leave dreams broken

Broken dreams make it hard

Hard to decide how

How I would really like to live my life

Life was made to be lived

Lived to the fullest including pain

Pain eventually fades

Fades and gives way to hope

Hope in the future and a better time

Time to decide

Decide and imagine

Imagine and live

Live life to its fullest

E.A. Fussell