Little green sticker
How you bring me joy
Few will understand
Only a contractor really can

Anticipation, waiting for the word
Did the inspection pass
Knowing that it should
But unable to move forward
Until it’s official

Little green sticker
After all these years
You haven’t lost your hold
You keep me on my toes

Thousands of inspections
It should be rote by now
Still eagerly I wait
Certain but not sure
What the results will be

Little green sticker
Today you were good to me
But there’s always the next time
There’s always wait and see

E.A. Fussell

Rain ain’t always sexy

There’s something sexy about the rain
Unless you are trying to clear land
Or pour concrete
Or frame a house
Or install a roof
Or paint an exterior
Or install landscape
Or do any other number of things
Required to build a house
Nope, if you’re a Builder
There’s times when
Rain isn’t very sexy
But, on the weekends…
Occasionally the rain is sexy
Problem is
Rain don’t wait for the weekends
Nope, it’s pouring down outside
On a Wednesday no less
Smack-dab-in-the-middle of the week
Not a single care
That it is wrecking my schedule
I am thankful for the function in nature
That rain provides
But today,
There ain’t nothing sexy about it

E.A. Fussell

Wire Mesh is not My Friend

These may look like harmless rolls of wire mesh, but when stretched out, waiting for concrete to pour, wire mesh becomes my heartless enemy.

Our love-hate relationship goes back a long way. Many decades ago we came to an agreement:

If I don’t walk on wire mesh then

wire mesh won’t trip me.

Well folks, today I was in a hurry and convinced myself that

I could do it. I could walk across the prepped driveway without getting tangled up in it. The wire mesh lay there calmly stretched out, only a few small humps and bumps here and there. It was almost quietly encouraging me.

Ignoring the still small voice shouting in my ear “don’t do it!”

I placed the ball of my foot

on the wire mesh itself (not inside the square) and haltingly made it across. Smiling with relief as I stepped out of the potential trap I chided the small voice inside “see, I can do it”. Job-site information was gathered then I headed back to my truck.

As I went to step across the form and onto the wire mesh the still small voice said “walk around, don’t do it!” But again I ignored the voice. My recent crossing victory had me feeling confident. Then my phone rang.

And ignorantly I answered it and kept walking. Wire mesh saw an opportunity in this distraction. My steps were no longer careful. One step inside a square and wire mesh grabbed my toe. Turning me end over elbow.

As I heard that still voice inside me say “I told you so.”

E.A. Fussell


“Only my pride was injured in the filming of this real life episode.”