Un-ignorable Beauty

Beauty can show up in the smallest packages as we walk through life. A few weeks ago, just before the countryside became peppered with wildflowers, this tiny bloom screamed loud enough for my soul to hear it. This tiny bloom was so full of energy it would not, could not, be ignored. I was walking along lost in thought when it caught my eye and reminded me to push pause on my overactive mind. Nature is filled with beautiful finds, even on a neighborhood roadside walk, if we broaden our observation and quiet our mind.

E.A. Fussell


Mistaken Identity

True story, happened this evening in the grocery store:

Store clerk: “I need to see your Drivers License”

Me: “Is that some new requirement?”

Store clerk: looks at me with a quizzical expression

Me: “Why do you need to see my drivers license?”

Store Clerk: holds up my bottle of olive oil

Me: “So….identification is now needed to buy a bottle of olive oil?!”

Store clerk: looks at the bottle and stammers “ I thought it was wine”

Me: “Well that’s a relief. I thought my conspiracy theory was being proved.”

We both chuckled and I was allowed to leave with my bottle of Colavita.

E.A. Fussell

Event happened and note written 4/8/2019

Weigh In Days

Sometimes you make me happy

Sometimes you make me blue

Up or down

Why is my self worth so tied to you

First thing in the morning

Nothing on but an anxious stare

What number

Will I find waiting there

There’s nothing quite like

The pressure that plays

Around in my brain on

Weigh-in days

E.A. Fussell


The Same

Ponder this

No matter where you are

Or where I am

We are looking at the same moon

It may look different to you

Than it does to me

But it’s the same

When we raise our vision high

Look above ourselves

We see the same




We may be many

But we see only one