are you a wing or a weight ?

Think about your words.

Are you a wing or a weight?

Do your words lift others up or tear them down?

The tongue is a two edged sword. We can use it to speak life or to bring destruction. There are times when destruction is called for but today focus on lifting at least one person up.

This world bombards us with messages of hopelessness. What might happen if every Believer encouraged at least one person each day? We have the gift of hope to share with a hopeless world.

Let us enter into our prayer closet to do battle, then come out and spread hope around like confetti wherever our feet or our wheels take us.

Be a wing today, lift someone up

E.A. Fussell


Love like you believe it

Believer, remember today, your flaws and shortcomings are covered by grace and mercy. There is unlimited strength, knowledge and understanding inside you. You have unlimited wealth and Kingdom ways available to you for the asking.

When the enemy tries to whisper or shout in your ear reminding you of your weakness and lack of understanding, telling you that you aren’t worthy or that you will fail, shut him up with the authority you inherited as a child of the King. You are fully justified to walk proudly in the freedom of forgiveness.

The accuser does not have access to your mental realm. Your thoughts are under your own control. Your flesh is under your own control. You have the power of the Spirit to master the way you control yourself. You have the mercy, grace and love of our master Creator covering you.

Whatever you need to get through today will be poured out upon you. You have only to ask, seek and receive. Receiving is up to you. It is an action you must take. Sometimes our blessing is there but we block it by not being able to receive. There are many ways to hinder our own blessings. Negative self-talk fueled by negative thinking is one of the most common. Recalling past sins or tragedies is another. Let go of the whip you are beating yourself with. Christ took those stripes on the cross so you could be free from them and experience joy.

Believe it.

Live like you believe it.

E.A. Fussell


1 Corinthians 1:30-31

2 Peter 1-4

Shoo them away

“You cannot keep birds from flying over your head but you can keep them from building a nest in your hair.” Martin Luther

We can’t stop bad suggestions from entering our thought world, but we can choose not to dwell or act on them.

As we turn back our clocks today we are given an extra hour of opportunity.

Be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Romans 12:2 KJV

Chang no to ON

Change your circumstances. Reprogram your thinking by switching “no” to “ON”.

When someone tells you “no”, think game “ON”. List ways to overcome or get around the no. Use your imagination, step outside your comfort zone, there is always a way to get where you want to go.

Sure, there may be times when no is the appropriate answer and abiding by it is the correct response. But more often than not, “no” can be an obstacle tossed out by life to see just how much you really desire an outcome and test just how much effort are you willing to contribute to the pursuit of your purpose. Obstacles can only hold you back if you allow them to. Faith can move mountains of “no” when you are “ON” a focused mission.

If you can believe something is possible, you can achieve it.

Ann Fussell


As we take another few steps on this journey through life let us remember that we have no idea what another person is going through, even if we think we do, we just don’t. It’s their experience, not ours. Let us focus on surviving our own path through the obstacles of life to eventually thrive at whatever destination we land.

KE.A. Fussell

The greatest survivalist

The heart is the greatest survivalist I have ever known. Continuing to beat when it is empty. Always believing life is worth living. With each beat willing us to believe, as it does, there is something left worth surviving for. We may not see it, but it is there, somewhere. Searching for us too. Waiting. Believing. Heart stubbornly beating.



Speak, write, paint, draw, create, express yourself

Make your plan

Execute it


Do not wait

Trying to perfect it

Waiting can create



Fear of failure

Fear of success

Waiting for the perfect time

Has caused many good plans

To never see the light of day

Tucked away

Inside a desk drawer

Hidden in a closet

Locked inside a brilliant mind

Waiting for the perfect time

That never seems to come

Make your plan

Execute it


E.A. Fussell


Inspired by George S. Patton’s quote: A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.

Let the dogs bark

Let the dogs bark
They are irrelevant
Most dogs are all bark
No bite
If you pause to throw stones
Every time one barks
You will never
Reach your destination

Let the dogs bark
Do not slow your pace
Look back only to
Assess your current situation
Navigate the circumstances
Pause to throw stones
Only when you must
If you get bitten
Take time to heal the wound
Then focus on forward

Let the dogs bark
Ignore their howls and growls
Among them
You may eventually find
A friend that’s true
A love that’s real
Stay your course
Hold onto your beliefs
Listen to your Creator
Follow your instincts
Accept yourself as you are
Let the dogs bark

E.A. Fussell

Ignore excuses

This is Jim Thorpe, a Native American from Oklahoma. He represented the US in the 1912 Olympics. Notice his socks and shoes. His shoes were stolen on the morning of his track and field competitions. He found these two shoes in a garbage can. He had to wear an extra sock on one foot because the shoe was too big.

Jim won two gold medals that day: the high jump and the 110 meter hurdles.

Excuses, we all have them.
Some of us get lost in them. Some of us ignore them.

Life isn’t fair. So what?
How will you deal with living today? Will you tell everyone about your excuses?

Or will you show yourself that no excuse can stop you from being the very best version of you?

E.A. Fussell

Spiritual gifts & talents

During my morning walk. I was thinking about all the many ways I have failed in life. So, of course, that led to thinking about my accomplishments in order not to feel bad about myself. I’ve had some horrible failures and some amazing accomplishments. The magnitude of each may not have been recognized without the contrast of the other.

Have you ever pondered the theory that we aren’t taking any of our accomplishments or failures with us to the next life, all we are taking is our character?

It isn’t an amusing thought for me. Character, the same one that has propelled me to success and to the depths of failure, that’s what I have with me as I meet God, Jesus, the Saints, and angels? Seriously, thank heaven for mercy and grace!

Oh sure there are some things I might say are good about myself. My work ethic is phenomenal, my boldness is legendary, my intelligence is sufficient, my common sense is sound, my love is passionate. Like most people I’ve been educated in proper processes, maximizing resources, the latest how-to’s to handle todo’s, efficient organization, team building, self-motivation, effective communication. And like most people I was encouraged from a young age to be a good person, a productive law-abiding citizen, a hard worker, a loyal friend, a responsible adult.

It’s not the outward obvious things that bother me about myself, it’s the innermost workings of my mind and heart that give me cause for pause. Perhaps it’s the rapidly changing times we are living through that make me wonder, will I stand firm on my beliefs regardless of who is shaking their finger in my face? Or will I be like Peter and betray my closest friend?

Character, the inward part of ourselves that only we know, is the most important and the most difficult part of ourselves to face, to control, to change, to accept, to live with, to carry with us into the next life. Our personality and outward appearance seem to get most of our attention and although those things can be challenging, they aren’t as difficult, or scary, as looking inward.

Lord, teach us how to focus on building the character traits You want to see in us. Show each of us what our spiritual gifts and talents are, the ones You embedded in our core being before we were born to this life. Instruct us on how to integrate them with our personality to successfully maneuver through the physical world while winning battles for You in the spiritual world.

E.A. Fussell