As we take another few steps on this journey through life let us remember that we have no idea what another person is going through, even if we think we do, we just don’t. It’s their experience, not ours. Let us focus on surviving our own path through the obstacles of life to eventually thrive at whatever destination we land.

KE.A. Fussell

Garden longing

Senseless chatter filled days like today make me long for the peace and quiet of a country garden where the only thing sounding in my ear is the sweetness of nature buzzing to the energy of Spring, flowers brightly blooming, and rows of fresh vegetables in various shades of green.

E.A. Fussell

Grasp or let loose

Wrong decisions

Are painful

Holding onto them too long

Just because we made them

And we don’t want to admit

That we made a mistake

Can leave scars

Which can’t be erased

If you are holding onto

A bad decision

I understand how challenging

It can be to release your grip

And let the dream

Of what you thought might be

Slip through your fingers

And go it’s separate way

Yes, I comprehend

How disheartening

Being wrong

Can be

I also understand

That each time

We let a bad decision go

It becomes more difficult

To release the next one

Especially as the years pass

And there isn’t much time left

For overcoming bad choices

Don’t be fooled

Not making a decision

Is solidly deciding

To stay where you are at

And only you know

Whether that is right

Or wrong

For your life, heart, or mind

Every moment

We have a choice

Continue grasping or

Let loose

E.A. Fussell


Your worth is immeasurable

We tend to judge ourselves
And others
By the visible harvest reaped

We forget that
Some seeds we sow
May produce a harvest
Invisible to us

Words of encouragement and
Acts of kindness
Have a ripple effect
Often reaching much farther
Than the eye can see

The world
Would have us believe
That a persons worth
Can be measured

Truth shows us
Our worth
Is immeasurable

E.A. Fussell