Wasted love for foolish pride

You should have asked me

To marry you

I would have

You thought our age difference

Was an issue

It wasn’t

I wanted you to ask me

But to have told you thus

Would have been like

Asking you to ask me

And then

I would have had to say


To save my pride

Silently I waited

You didn’t ask

I moved with my work

The distance

Made you question us more

Resentment grew

You felt neglected

I felt rejected

Silently we stewed

Until suddenly


There was no more us

Just me

And you

Going on with our lives


I still think about you

Remember your voice

Your laugh

Your mind

That brilliant mind

The kind that’s hard to find

The kind I long to be

And suddenly

I realize

Foolish misplaced pride

Blinded me at the time

And what should have been

I should have asked you

To marry me

E.A. Fussell


Time blowing by

My sails are set

At least for today

I know my direction

Come what may

Caught in the winds of time

Blowing furiously

My eyes on the distant horizon

Keep me filled with hope

One day soon

Maybe longer

Things will change

There will be welcoming shores

But for now

I catch the wind

Ride the tides

Crest the wave’s swale

Until it’s time

To furl my sails

E.A. Fussell


Peace Out 2020

Peace out 2020

It’s time for you to end

You have forever changed us

Can’t say you were my friend

But you did prod me

To think differently

And change my approach to life

Will your impact be

For good or bad

It’s hard to say

Time will tell

As it always does

In it’s own special way

One thing is certain

Without any doubt

Ten years from now

When we look back

2020 will mark a definite line

In the history of time

And how the future unwinds

E.A. Fussell


Put Your trust in Him

No matter where you are

No matter what you’re facing

Grab hold of His hand

Let Him grab hold of your mind

And your heart

And your heart’s mind

(yes, there is such a thing)

Stay focused

Don’t waiver

In the midst of chaos

Stay calm

Nothing can harm you

What do you desire

Go get it

No dream is too big

You’ve got the advantage

He’s available twenty-four-seven

You can get guidance

On your decisions

Directly from heaven

Just ask


No hesitation

No fear

Be bold

Stand quietly tall

Rest in your faith

Most assuredly

God is

Big enough

E.A. Fussell


Resistance is required

It was the year 2020

As it drew toward a close

Much uncertainty lingered

Everyone was searching

Who had the answers

Nobody knows

Would Covid-19 be overcome

Through vaccine

Would the United States of America

Ever know who the president

Really was



Will the age of Aquarius

Usher in the dawn

Of Universal Love

People were clinging to hope

Beyond reason

That things would change

Get back to normal

Not seeing that normal pre-Covid




A new normal was evolving

With no evidence

Of what that would be

So many harmful messages

Messages of fear

Messages of racial hate

Messages to distance

Meanwhile everyone

Was being tied and bound

By digital connection

If only they could see

That it was all an illusion

Painted by written scripts and

Squawking media parrots

Designed to herd them into

A mass movement of submission

As they suffered their helplessness

In the comfort of their home

Yes, the future would look

Much different from the past


Would no longer be fought for

On the battlefield of earth

The stakes had risen much higher

The battle cry went unheard

As armies were scrambling

Into position

A new band of soldiers emerged

Armed with technology

And advanced techniques

Designed to control

The most valuable thing

Ever known to man

The battlefield of his


E.A. Fussell


A moment alone

It’s a beautiful morning

Front door’s open

Letting in a slight breeze

Listening to the cricket serenade

As it softly plays

Enjoying the peacefulness

As I sip my coffee

A few more moments before

My world wakes up

The phone starts to ring

Email inbox continually dings

Don’t take me wrong

I’m thankful for work

But these moments alone

Rejuvenate me

In a way

It’s hard to explain

E.A. Fussell


Your life game

The game of life

How should it be played

There are many right ways

Just as there are wrong

Finding your own way

The search can be long

So many distractions

Wanting to fit in

Until one day

You accept yourself

All that you are

The good

The bad

Forgive yourself

Love yourself

The only person

That you have to win against

Is you

Your higher self knows

Your lower self strives for position

Trying to checkmate itself into control

Overcoming this struggle

Requires letting go

Of old programming

Old beliefs

Embracing the truth

Thoughts create your world

To live differently

Think differently


Make your next move

E.A. Fussell