Easter 2020

Easter 2020

Churches closed by the thousands

Just weeks before the anniversary Of one of God’s greatest acts

Christians were manipulated

By an invisible threat

Their mighty God forgotten as

Incomes and freedoms were taken

Without a single question asked

Guns and boxes of bullets

Sat quietly on their shelves

Worse than that

The Whole Armour of God

Lay discarded in the corner

Watching as a nation

Voluntarily participated

Forgetting it’s strong foundation

Amid small truths


By great liars

The media’s talking heads

Who delighted in controlling

The fearful masses

Under the guise of public safety

Proclaiming doom and gloom

Making people believe

That the power of mans illness

Is stronger than God’s fullness

Millions sat at home

Listening and watching

As the messengers conspired

To cripple God’s army

Of Christian soldiers


Not a single bullet was fired

E.A. Fussell


Music on the wind

Winds of change blow in

And mark the Ides of March

Deadlines for settling debts

Disappear before our eyes

As a mask of worldwide fear

Notes this moment in time

False thoughts propagated

Manipulate and control

Now souls are congregated

On the Web of mass control

Linked together thru the airwaves

Whose master fell long ago

Some hear the trumpets blowing

Some think they’ve already blown

One thing is for certain

Life will never return

To what we have previously known

E.A. Fussell


The time is Now

In dark times like the current days
I am thankful to be alone
With no spouse, partner
Or small children to care for
The decisions I make
Are only mine to make
I do not have to stop and consider
Someone else’s beliefs or welfare
My heart goes out to those of you
With dependent children or
Frail parents and grandparents
Who are in your care
I send love and prayers to you all
If you are a Believer
I join in agreement with your prayers
If you have not accepted Jesus Christ
As your Savior
I humbly suggest you take a moment
To consider God’s offer
It’s simple and doesn’t require a church
Or a lot of fanfare
Right now you, wherever you are
You can ask forgiveness of any sin
Accept Jesus as the son of God
And welcome Him into your heart
The Bible is a letter written to us
From our Heavenly Father
Each individual has to make a choice Whether or not to Believe it
Now might be a good time to decide

E.A. Fussell

Agile aging

Dear Body,
Yes, I know it’s Saturday. Yes, I know you would rather lay in bed reading a stack of books. But I love you and movement will keep you agile as we age. So, get up and get moving. It will do us both good.
Your Mind



Speak to yourself more

With fresh words

Renew your thoughts

With possibilities

Of all you are capable of

Listen less to old programs

Playing in your mind

Data from days gone by

Cancel it out with new thoughts

Speak out loud and to your heart

What is it you long for

What do you desire

Fan the embers

Think passionately about it

Let your feelings blaze like fire

Your thoughts are the key

To materializing your desire

E.A. Fussell



Female foxes
Listening for their prey
Changing direction
Sometimes digging
For just the right moment
To pounce

Impatience is one of my faults
Sometimes by acting too quickly
I push my goal further away
I want to skip certain steps
To speed up the results
This year I am committed
To following the steps
Even if I roll-my-eyes
And sigh a hundred times
This year I will be a total Vixen

E.A. Fussell

Image: @mukul.soman on IG