Butterfly & Bomb

A dynamic person

Can be fragile

Like a butterfly



Careful not to transform

Too soon


They can be fragile

Like a bomb



Putting themselves

In an early tomb

I have known both kinds

I am both kinds

And the truth is

There is a very small fraction

Of time and space

That separates

The two



No Obligation

You are under no obligation

To be the person you were

Five minutes ago

This is your life

The footprint you leave

On this world

Is yours to impart

The entire universe is impacted By the choices you make

Your belief can move mountains

Your thoughts

Create your experience

What will you create

What mountain will you move

How will you impact the universe

Do you like who you are

Yes, great

No, change yourself

Stop waiting for “when”

When is NOW

Grab hold of your thoughts

Grab hold of life


Wring the living daylights

Out of it

E.A. Fussell



Shift your energy

Smile at yourself

Sing a happy song

Skip around the room

Pray for a friend

Think of God’s light

Filling your heart

Cleansing your thoughts

And before you know it

You will be feeling

Uplifted and bright

E.A. Fussell


Pearl Snap Heartache

I saw him standing there

Watching the dance floor

Propped against the bar

Sippin’ whiskey

Long legs, boots, and hat

Too many times I’ve fallen

For a man like that

Cool, and crisp, and lean

Hands rough and calloused

From workin’ cows or

Runnin’ a heavy machine

My heart has a weakness

For that look

It will fall in a minute

Regardless of the risk

But my mind knows better

Knows the pleasure

Is never worth the hurt

Tells my heart to be careful

He’s just another heartache

In a pearl snap shirt

E.A. Fussell



May the transformation of Spring

Bring you what you long for

May your inner being bloom

As beautifully as the flowers

Growing wildly outside in nature

May your thoughts be fresh and crisp

Like the air after a Spring rain

May you find new meaning in life

More vibrancy

More energy

May you take that step

You need to take

To enjoy your life

In this month of May

E.A. Fussell