Ready me for daily battle


Forgive me of my sins

Forgive me my need

To ask you again and again

Help me be a good warrior

Hearing You

Following Your Word

This world gets so loud

Sometimes I allow it

To drown You out

Forgive me

Help me go where You say go

Help me stay when You say

Be still

Help me daily put on the armor

You have provided for me

And not forget a single piece

Help me skillfully wield

The sword of the Spirit

Give me eyes that see

Ears that hear

Divine knowledge



Teach me Your ways

Let me not depart from them

May all those reading these words

Be hugged by You

Soften their hearts

Touch them in a real

And wonderful way

That they may know

You are the King of kings

Lord of lords

According to Your will


E.A. Fussell


Unseen Battles

Where Angels tread

And feathers fall

Only fools rush in

Sacred space

Is not always calm

Battles rage unseen

Darkness wrestling light

Ancient foes entwine

Making for one hell-of-a-fight

Entering unaware

Fools get caught in the fray

Torn to emotional shreds

Unprepared for

What is happening

In their heart and in their head

Yes, only fools rush in

Were feathers fall

As Angels tread

E.A. Fussell


Save energy

How often we expend energy

In the wrong places

Trying to breathe life into something

That doesn’t want to be revived


That have run their course


From our youth


Past their prime

Holding onto


Giving away

What could be

E.A. Fussell


Forward motion

Don’t trip over what is

Behind you

Stop glancing back

You’re not going there

Keep moving forward

If you need a break


For a moment

Sit still

Collect yourself

Then move






Crawl if you must

Inch your way ahead

Do whatever it takes

Just don’t go backwards

E.A. Fussell


Self trust

There comes a time

In everyone’s life

To decide

What’s important

What’s worth fighting for

What to let go of

Sometimes it’s the smallest thing

That sets us on this course

Of deciding

Sometimes it’s a big thing

It’s different for each one of us

As we get older

It gets clearer

What we will stand for

What we will ignore

And once we decide

Our focus is laser sharp

Our aim is true

No confusion

Chaos fades around us

We stand firm on our conviction

Others can sense it

Some respect our resolve

Some laugh at our foolishness

Some fear our determination

We only wish

That trust in ourselves had come

Years ago

E.A. Fussell