I am equal to you
You are equal to her
She is equal to him
He is equal to me
Etcetera for infinity

Mix it up anyway you like
I’m not special or separate
You’re not special or separate
We are equal

E.A. Fussell

No longer the puppeteer

Six decades of life

You pulled my strings

Made me dance 

To all the tunes you sing








You wove those strings 

Through my mind

Exploiting every weakness 

You could find 

Caused me to waste 

A lot of love 

And so much time

I can’t turn back the clock

Undo the damage done

I don’t know how much 

Time is left

But at the end 

You will not have won

It took a lifetime

For me to find 

The scissors to cut

These strings that bind

I’ve figured it out

I’m sharpening the blade 

It’s time to set right

This mess you’ve made

With each string that’s cut

More Light shines through 

Pushing back the darkness

Your lies can no longer  

Hide the Truth

As time brings in another year

I remember who I am

And why I’m here

You’re a part of me

I cannot completely 

Release you

But I can surely 

Release me

You will always be there

Whispering in my ear

Trying to get my attention 

No longer the puppeteer 

You’re only one aspect 

Of my multi faceted self

As the strings are cut

I do not fall

Light gets brighter

I rise higher 

Thru it all 

Standing up

By letting go

I will diligently hold

The scissors ready

To cut new strings 

You try to sew

Reminding myself

You’re not as important 

As you would have me think 

You are no longer 

In control

You’re just 

My old 


E.A. Fussell


Self reflection

Self-reflection can be daunting. Looking at ourselves, really looking, with eyes that see clearly. We realize that often what we see in ourselves, and others, is distorted by fear. Miracles happen when we learn to look through eyes of love. 💗

E.A. Fussell


Fiery field

Photo 5/9/23 Lago Vista, Texas; inspired this poem

May my spirit be

Set a flame with a fire

No manmade thing

Can quench

May I understand

You clothe fields with


Here today, gone tomorrow

Indicating how much more

You will take care of me

Your love for me

Exceeds all that I can see

Surpasses all that I can Comprehend

I am grateful

For this moment

E.A. Fussell


Luke 3:16

Matthew 6:30

I am responsible for what I see

I am responsible for what I see. I choose the feelings I experience and I decide upon the good I would achieve. And, everything that happens to me I ask for, and receive as I have asked.

That’s hard for the ego to digest. Our ego works hard to keep us stuck in self-attack and doesn’t want to accept that we created the scenario we are complaining about. The energy we used to create a negative situation can be used to create a positive situation, if we shift from the vibration of fear to the vibration of love. But its our choice. We can choose to lash out or let go.

When we lash out against a partner, or someone we feel has unjustly accused us, it may seem like we are defending ourselves, protecting. But anger is a form of self-attack. That’s why we feel so bad after verbally railing against another soul.

We’ve all experienced this at some point in our evolution. We’re going off on someone, giving them a piece of our mind, it felt good to release on them, we felt justified. Then later, we felt terrible, maybe even had physical symptoms. Because we gave them something more valuable than a piece of our mind, we sacrificed for them the PEACE of our mind.

The ego thinks it’s helping but it’s need to compare itself to others, justify it’s actions, reinforce it’s illusion that we are better than (or less than) others is emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically harming to our being.

The miracle is that we have a choice. We can choose what we experience. We can change what we experience. We are responsible for what we see.

E.A. Fussell



Self-reflection can be daunting. Looking at ourselves, really looking, with eyes that see clearly. We realize that often what we see in ourselves, and others, is distorted by fear. Miracles happen when we learn to look through eyes of love. 💗

E.A. Fussell


Lift someone else up

(Sculpture in the Bahamas. Photo by @ggerbasi on Instagram )

You might bind my body
With social constraints
Drown me in a flood
Of manipulative illusions
Weigh me down with
Imagined oppression
Heap upon me
Chains heavy with lies
From the father of liars
But my Spirit will always
Find a way
To lift someone else up

E.A. Fussell

something I’m not good at

Looks like a beautiful thing

Some are better at it than others
That state of indecision
Or neutrality with respect to
Conflicting positions

The inability to make a decision Quickly
That doesn’t describe me
I can make a snap decision
And live with the consequences

The state of not supporting
Or helping either side
That’s not really me either
I tend to choose sides
Based on my beliefs
Upbringing or
Strong feelings

Looks like a beautiful thing

But eventually the law of gravity
Will prevail
The fence will lean

I’m not a very good fence-sitter
I’d rather choose
My direction of flight

Instead of allowing
Outside forces to dictate
Which way I go

E.A. Fussell

Always learning

We didn’t know how to walk

Until we did

We didn’t know how to talk

Until we did

What if we had never tried

There are lots of things

We don’t know how to do

That doesn’t mean

We cannot do them

Growing older makes us


It can also make us too


The lack of years left to live

Makes failure seem risky

Fear of trying new things

Creeps in and stifles ideas

We forget its okay

Not to know

Until we do

That’s how we started out

In this wonder filled world

Let us end that way too

Always learning

Something new

E.A. Fussell


Small choices

You have greatness within you. You can achieve whatever you believe.

The quality of your health impacts how you achieve what you believe. Your level of fitness contributes to the quality of your health.

Choose to improve your health by improving your fitness. One tiny step at a time, doing what you can right where you are. Getting back on track when you’ve run off course. Raising the bar just a little bit when you’ve reached a plateau. Small every day choices can make a difference.

You have greatness within you. Allow it to shine through.

E.A. Fussell