Foggy Morn

Foggy mist

A sailers bane

Will it lift

Or heavily hang


A once certain course

Now decidedly less certain

As the misty shroud descends

Will it bring our sailing to an end

Mayhap the sun

Will brightly burn

Upon this water laden blanket

Clear a way

To enjoy this day

And remove the risk to bank-it

Will the waters be navigable

Or will the fog outlast

It is incalculable


E.A. Fussell



Drink in this day

It will not come again

Whether you are at work

Or play

Relax your Spirit

Refresh your mind

Do something to honor God

Say a prayer

Read His Word

Share a smile with a stranger

Even though

We turned back time one hour

This morning

Time waits for no man

It marches on

(actually I think it’s running)

Don’t get lost in the illusion

Of this world

Thinking you have plenty of time

This day will not come again

Drink it in

E.A. Fussell


Walk Away Witch

Walk away witch

Down your lonely path

Your magic fake

From the darkness you make

Promising potions and spells

Conjured up

From the depths of hell

How many souls

Have you stollen

Who can tell

Walk away witch

I’ve got no time

Or tolerance for you today

Go manipulate and tangle

Some other mind

Whom you wish to mangle

E.A. Fussell


Samson and Delilah

I reread the story of Samson and Delilah this past week. Judges 13-16 KJV. It has always amazed me how Samson kept going back to Delilah after each attempt she made to help his enemies capture him. There are many lessons in the story but the one that stood out for me when I read it this time was:

“You can’t successfully fight your enemies during the day if you are sleeping with them at night.”

E.A. Fussell