Extravagant Simplicity


Sit down beside me

Let us return

Just for a moment

And only in our mind

To a time long ago

When women gathered

Around city fountains

To gossip and laugh and chatter

As they took care of

Their families and their towns

Dressed in layers

Upon layers

But still not hiding

Their feminine charms or figures

Back to a time when love

Was passionately experienced

On picnics

In hidden woods

Or through poetry

Spoken tenderly

On bended knee

Followed by a stolen kiss

Most conveniently

A time before technology

Where all things

Were extravagant

In their simplicity

E.A. Fussell


Set your course

Hopes and dreams

Can be fragile

Like a paper ship

We gently hold onto them

Nurturing them

Growing them

Unfolding and refolding them

Afraid of letting them go

Not wanting them to disintegrate

Before our very eyes

Not sure who to trust

With our ideas and desires

Not sure which ocean of motion

To set their course in

Ponder this:

What if holding onto those ships

Is what keeps them fragile

What if letting them go

Setting them on a course

Where the wind can carry them

Can push them

Where they need to go

Would actually

Strengthen them

And bring them back to us

Laden down with all our wildest

Hopes and dreams

We are the in charge of our fleet

Of hopes and dreams

We can keep them

Safe in the harbor of our mind

Or we can set them free

To sail the ocean

Of the Universal mind

And see what it brings

E.A. Fussell


Rain ain’t always sexy

There’s something sexy about the rain
Unless you are trying to clear land
Or pour concrete
Or frame a house
Or install a roof
Or paint an exterior
Or install landscape
Or do any other number of things
Required to build a house
Nope, if you’re a Builder
There’s times when
Rain isn’t very sexy
But, on the weekends…
Occasionally the rain is sexy
Problem is
Rain don’t wait for the weekends
Nope, it’s pouring down outside
On a Wednesday no less
Smack-dab-in-the-middle of the week
Not a single care
That it is wrecking my schedule
I am thankful for the function in nature
That rain provides
But today,
There ain’t nothing sexy about it

E.A. Fussell

Don’t try to fix it

When someone
Is suffering or
Experiencing pain
We instinctively want to
Take away that pain and suffering
To fix it
To help them
Especially if it is someone we love
Taking away their pain
Soothes our pain
But helping them may not be
The best thing for them
By taking away their pain
We may also take away
Their chance to learn and grow
We could actually hinder
Their ultimate path in this life
If we keep stepping in
We risk not allowing any room
For God to move
In their heart and mind
One of the hardest things to do
When we love someone
Is to watch them suffer
Even when the suffering
Is caused by their own choices
True compassion sometimes means
We need to share in their suffering
Through the pain we experience
By letting them experience
The pain they are going through
Without trying
To fix it
We are not responsible
For their circumstances or choices
And God does not need us
In order to help them
He may actually
Want us to be still
And know that
He is God

E.A. Fussell

Hard Workers

Shout-out to all the hardworking men and women who have made this country great even when what they were working with may not have been the greatest. If it wasn’t for folks like them, and us, America would never have been as blessed as she has been.

Regardless of what’s happening in the world, or in our own personal lives, hard-workers like us still show up each day and give it our all. We may not stand on the corner and shout-out our beliefs, but it doesn’t mean we don’t have an opinion or that we won’t take a stand when it’s necessary. We’re just too busy with our purpose to get bogged down in the illusion of the latest national crisis painted by a biased and blatantly fake media.

What might happen if we, the hard-workers, forget who we are and start sitting on our butts, buying into the latest popular argument or disaster, getting stuck, afraid, depressed, as we observe the chaos around us instead of moving forward with whatever we have to do that is clearly right in front of us? There would be a true crisis if we decided to listen to the lies of the media mongers.

If the hard-workers like us ever decide to stop working. The wheels of this giant invisible tax producing machine that whirls around us unseen would truly breakdown. And the circus that feeds on it would not even be able to afford a cheap clown.

E.A. Fussell