Founding principles still present

A reminder to those who would completely cripple this country:

We are the silent majority
Going to work every day
Trying to survive
Trying not to get caught up
In the rhetoric and chaos
Trying just to live our lives

But don’t be fooled
By our quiet ignoring
Of your ridiculous antics

We are the ones
Who started revolutions
That founded this country
That have always
Fought valiantly
For what we believe in

When our belly is full
It is not a nap we will be taking
We will take this country back


Falling (modified)

Falling can be beautiful
In rain
In autumn leaves
In snow
In love I suppose
But falling can also be
Most things in life
Are that way
Dynamically opposed
And they are also
The same
What makes it so
The thought
Or the feeling
Can one exist without the other
Can we hold a thought
Without experiencing a feeling
Can we experience a feeling
Without having a thought
Can we love without hating
If there is no ugliness
How would we recognize beauty
Does good exist
Because evil fights to prevail
Is pondering such things
A waste of mind
A profound expenditure of time

Modified 09.09.2021

The dark knight

The dark knight
Isn’t coming
For more dark knights
His purpose
Is to extinguish
The Light of Hope
Believers hold in their heart
He may appear
Looking like our King
Tempting us to accept his reign
Playing the false savior
Don’t be fooled
Hold firm to the Word
Guard it in your heart
Seal it in your mind
When our real King returns
Let Him find
A faithful servant
With a lamp burning bright


End of summer

This is the last weekend of Summer 2021. Go catch a wave or do something you love. If you’re one of those people who won’t do something for themselves then do something fun for someone else. If no one you love is close by then heck, go out and do something fun for a stranger, you might save their life by showing a small gesture of kindness in this hate filled world. Regardless of whatever is happening in your life today, give yourself, and someone else, a reason to hope.

Harvest time is coming

It’s closer than we know

Some think of pumpkins

Colorful leaves

And fire pits all aglow

Friends and family

Gathered round

Love and laughter

Everywhere to be found

I think of those things

And others too

Seven seals opened

Horses hooves

Trumpets sounding

Vials poured out

The Lion as The Lamb

Come to bring His people home

E.A. Fussell


Revelation KJV

Built by mistakes

I’m not proud of all my mistakes, some of them I am ashamed of, and some of them I almost didn’t survive. They have taught me to be strong, to get back up and carry on, and even though I don’t understand much, I do understand that mistakes, more than anything else, have built me.

E.A. Fussell

Letting go of Expectations

Living without expectations

Trying to learn how to do it

Forced by life

To understand that

Expectations are useless

And can only lead to misery

When we expect something

And it doesn’t go our way

The way we imagined


Disappointment, frustration or

Heartbreak set in

Our expectations evolve

Over time from

Values, beliefs, experiences

All unique to each of us

So how can we know for sure

That our expectations align

With those of another

We may have

Completely different visions

Playing out in our mind

And then there is life

With it’s own set of complex

Incomprehensible scenarios

Impacting our plans

In ways

We may never understand

When life gives way to death

And loved ones leave us

Through normal courses

Or worse, unexpectedly

We begin to comprehend how

Useless expectations can be

So, here sit I

Clearing my mind

Tapping into primal instinct

Learning how to do it

Living without expectations

E.A. Fussell


Mastering the mind

Alaska July 2021

Learning to master the mind

Who can do it

It is restless



It twists and turns like the wind

Churns and tosses

Like a mountain stream

Who can control it

It is our closest friend

And our worst enemy

It has brought me

To the highest high

And knocked me to

The lowest low

Still I try to master it

I will continue my entire life

Exploring it

Wrestling with it

And enjoying those moments

We dance and laugh together

Before the battle begins again

Me and my free will

Trying to calm the tumultuous

Pouring out of thoughts

From my wild and reckless

Ever brilliant mind

E.A. Fussell


You are needed

Do you ever wonder why you are here? Why creation thinks you are needed? Why it was in this era you are needed? I often wonder what I’m supposed to be doing, how am I adding value to existence. Tromping around in the wilderness teaches you how insignificant you are and at the same time observing nature teaches you that even the most insignificant things have a purpose.

E.A. Fussell


Bee in Alaska July 2021

I know you are as busy as this bee 🐝 but remember to take a moment for yourself, pause and appreciate something, anything;
Smile and go on with your day

E.A. Fussell