Politically Correct is not for me

You won’t see me kneeling

In protest of the latest outrage

You won’t see me giving any race

Special favor

You won’t see me giving up

My gun

You won’t see me disrespecting

The American flag

You will see me going to work

Every day

You will see me kneeling

To pray

You will see me treating everyone


You will see me using my gun

At target practice or hunting

You will see me respecting

The American flag

You will see me living my life

The way I choose, not you

E.A. Fussell


Perilous Peace

The paths of our journey are different

On occasion our paths may cross

But not converge

If we meet at a crossing

May it be a non-eventful exchange

Each respecting

The other’s differences

Neither requiring the other

To change their beliefs


A peaceful passing

That is my hope


Make no mistake

If you choose to engage in attack

On my beliefs

With your beliefs and opinions

My double edged sword stands

Always ready to be unsheathed

E.A. Fussell



I am not ashamed of being


I am not ashamed of being


I am not ashamed of being


I am not ashamed of being


I am not ashamed of being


I am not ashamed of being


Stop asking me to be ashamed

E.A. Fussell



Summer hiking starts soon
It’s one of my favorite things to do
I am aware of nature’s dangers
Losing my footing
Falling down hills
Encountering wild creatures
In their natural habitat
As I innocently invade it
Yes, venomous snakes are there
I try not to think about them
Until some well meaning soul
Reminds me to beware
And suddenly I see them
Even when
They aren’t even there

E.A. Fussell

Senseless provocation


Why should one persons life

Be considered

More valuable than another

Why should one persons death

Be considered more atrocious

Than another

Life is intrinsically valuable

Regardless of what an individual

Chooses to do with it

Regardless of the circumstances

An individual is born into

Death is atrocious

Regardless of it’s circumstances

Or cause

Death is a wicked thief

Always stealing something

From someone

Be it the dead

Or those left alive

Who have to deal with

The death of the dead

Time slips away as

Emotions spin out of control

For what

All of the screaming

All of the crying

All of the love

All of the hate

Will not bring one soul back to life

Will not right the wrong

Why do we allow death to matter

So much

Especially if we are strangers

To the dead

Death is inevitable, unavoidable

Life is avoided

If we are preoccupied

With death

Let the dead bury the dead

Let the living make a better life

E.A. Fussell



The media record plays

Over and over

Round and round

Telling us what to think

Telling us what to scream

Ignorant souls vying for

The next big story

Painting illusions

To grab our attention

Sensationalizing the smallest things

Until they no longer satisfy

Our need to hear dirt

To roll around in it

Like swine in a trough

Hungry for the next batch of slop

The media pours it on

Graduating to bigger things

Manufactured mobs

Stirred by the spinning media record

Playing never ending slurs

Against humanity

And still we eagerly listen

As their filth tickles our ears

E.A. Fussell


Speak truth

There are good people

There are bad people

In all races

Do not judge me

By what others have done




Consider your personal experience

With me

Maybe it was good

Maybe it was bad

Speak that truth




If you don’t have

A personal experience with me

Shut up

E.A. Fussell


Old idea

The post

Acting as a foundation for the fence

Bringing boundary lines into view

Marking claims of ownership

Keeping some things trapped inside

Keeping other things out

Possession defined

Protection alluded to

Fences make some folks feel secure

They are always checking on

And replacing posts

That have lost their strength

I think most of us

Do the same thing with fences

In our minds and

Around our hearts

Foundation posts of

Feelings left over

From bad experiences

Or a bad belief system

Limit us

Fence us in

Or others out

We know the ruined posts

Should be replaced with new ones

Better ones

But it’s easier to hold onto

The old ones


Offering a false sense of security

Less painful and time consuming

Than pulling down old fences

And installing new ideas

E.A. Fussell