Pearl Snap Heartache

I saw him standing there

Watching the dance floor

Propped against the bar

Sippin’ whiskey

Long legs, boots, and hat

Too many times I’ve fallen

For a man like that

Cool, and crisp, and lean

Hands rough and calloused

From workin’ cows or

Runnin’ a heavy machine

My heart has a weakness

For that look

It will fall in a minute

Regardless of the risk

But my mind knows better

Knows the pleasure

Is never worth the hurt

Tells my heart to be careful

He’s just another heartache

In a pearl snap shirt

E.A. Fussell



Some mornings the sunrise plays peek-a-boo with me.

The Lago Vista hills are the perfect play-ground for this game. Thursday morning on my drive to work the sun kept peeking out but didn’t let me fully see it until I reached my office door and was about to go in. At that moment I turned one last time and the sun revealed it’s full beauty as it crested the hill across the street. We had a glorious moment together and I basked in its wonder. Amazed again at how much the Creator of all things created all things to play and experience pure joy.

E.A. Fussell


Mistaken Identity

True story, happened this evening in the grocery store:

Store clerk: “I need to see your Drivers License”

Me: “Is that some new requirement?”

Store clerk: looks at me with a quizzical expression

Me: “Why do you need to see my drivers license?”

Store Clerk: holds up my bottle of olive oil

Me: “So….identification is now needed to buy a bottle of olive oil?!”

Store clerk: looks at the bottle and stammers “ I thought it was wine”

Me: “Well that’s a relief. I thought my conspiracy theory was being proved.”

We both chuckled and I was allowed to leave with my bottle of Colavita.

E.A. Fussell

Event happened and note written 4/8/2019

Broken Spoke



And away we go

Texas two steppin’

At the Broken Spoke

It’s an old fashioned dance hall

Where manners abound

Old fashioned music

Where they’re serious

About two steppin’

They’re not messin’ around

If you love to dance

And you’re in Austin, Texas

Put on your boots

Put on your Stetson

Head over to the Broken Spoke

You can even take a lesson

Then grab a dance partner

And meet some really nice folks

Don’t worry ladies

There’s plenty of dance partners

In a variety of ages

E.A. Fussell