Broken Promises

The story and poem behind this photo:

The story:

In 2013 a wonderful man, a man I will always love, had proposed to me and I had said yes. But when he placed the engagement ring on my finger the fear of failure overtook me. I could not stand the thought of another divorce. He tried to assure me we would not be another statistic but the pain of my past was too big.

This photo was taken the afternoon of our breakup. I stopped at a park to go for a walk and try to get control of my emotions. A few weeks prior a word of prophecy had been spoken over me at an event I attended with Kathy Allendorfer I won’t go into details but it involved butterflies. This butterfly was so beautiful and somehow I felt that it was a tangible sign from God that He was with me as I cried out to him in my pain.

The Poem: Broken Promises

We talked for hours

You made me laugh

Surprised me with gifts

Didn’t care about my past

I loved you more

than words could say

And it broke my heart

To have to walk away

You promised me

Everything I had ever wanted

Travel, Adventure, Security

But my heart was scarred and haunted

The cuts and brands of divorce

Created within me a deep

and terrible fear

I never expected to run

Until the ring appeared

Broken promises

Four times before

Suddenly I realized

I just couldn’t do this anymore

Marriage was once

my favorite thing

Now it’s just an illusive fantasy

And my love for you a forever dream

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