Love is Humble

Love is humble.

Pride and ego often get in the way of relationships. It could be with a family member, a friend, a colleague, or God. Pride puffs us up and makes us want to be “right” or “the best”, sometimes at the expense of making others feel belittled, unloved, or forgotten. Often we don’t even realize we are hurting others. We are so caught up in our ego’s desire to feel important, or smart, or powerful or attractive that we fail to see the damage pride can cause.

Darkness pushes the me-me-me mentality. Wanting us to focus on “I” instead of “we”. Fostering separateness and individuality instead of togetherness and community. Wanting us to think our worth comes from the amount of our paycheck, or our job title, or condition of our body, or car we drive, or house we live in, or the people we associate with. It causes us to stay so busy chasing the wrong things that we sacrifice the important things.

It is a daily struggle to resist the effects of pride and ego, our own and others. Darkness does it’s best to keep us distracted from the Truth. Daily we need forgiveness for getting caught up in the darkness of this world. Daily we need to humble ourselves and serve others instead of focusing on ourselves. Daily we need to remember that our true worth comes through Christ.

Our acceptance of Jesus allows us to be covered by His sacrifice and filled with His Spirit so that we can enter the Holy presence of God Himself without fear. What a magnificent place it is. 💗

E.A. Fussell

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