We Are Royalty

Dear Ladies,

We are in a time that calls for us to show our true strength. The strength that comes from a woman’s heart, from a woman’s mind, from a woman’s soul. The strength that can lift others up when we ourselves are crumbling inside. The strength that sees through the immediate suffering around us to a positive end result. The strength that allows men to be men and creates a safe place for them to rest. The strength that comforts children in distress and takes a moment to laugh and play with them letting them see that it’s okay to be okay in the middle of chaos. The strength that knows we will survive the aftermath of Irma and we will regroup, rebuild, replant. We are daughters of the Creator of all things, the most high King. We are royalty and real queens fix each other’s crowns even when we ourselves are feeling down.

Much love to you all 💕


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