Will you take a ride with me

Down an old dirt road lined with trees

Or maybe we will take to the sky

Now that I am learning to fly

We will talk and laugh and play

And live for a lifetime every day

This world wont get to us

We will unplug ourselves

and get away from the fuss

I understand that love can let us down

Crush our spirits and leave us with a frown

But what if this time we hold on tight

To the belief that love will treat us right

What do you say,

Are you brave enough

To take another chance,

To believe in us

Time is passing way to fast

It threatens to leave us stuck in the past

Yes, we can live alone

But that won’t be as fun

as sharing life,

Two joined as one

I don’t know where you are

But I believe whether near or far,

You can hear my soul calling out,

And our paths will merge I have no doubt.

💗 me

E.A. Fussell

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