Adventure Still Awaits

I thought of you today

Your dancing eyes

Your lilting voice

Your intelligent mind

That has so totally

Interested mine

We are not young

And not yet old

Sometimes I ponder

What if we had met sooner

Would we have

Scaled up rocky cliffs to

Pitch a tent on mountain tops

Dove the waters deep to

See colorful ocean plants

And swim with fishes sweet

Flown high above the clouds

Piloting our own private plane

Carrying us places

Beautiful and grand

Would we have set the world on fire

With vibrant life

Flowing through our veins


Or maybe not

Life has a way of


Even the deepest passions

But not completely

Snuffing them out

So now

As age sets in and

Years rush past

Let us do what we can

We can drive to mountain tops

Rent a room or a cozy cabin

Watch the sunrise, watch the sunset

We can walk through aquarium parks

Viewing what the deep waters hold

See the fishes with their colors bold

We can buy a plane ticket

Visit places beautiful and grand

As we hold each other’s hand

We can embrace

Whatever life has left for us

Let us experience each moment

With awe and appreciation

And while we are far apart

Let us remember

We look upon the same sun

We look upon the same moon

The connection between us

Cannot be denied

Nor completely understood

But one thing is certain

For both us it has been

Very good

E.A. Fussell

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