Take the Time

Dear Me,

I use to dress you up,

fuss and fidget over clothes,

spend hours getting ready,

from your head down to your toes,

high-heels and silk stockings,

the best perfume and make-up,

you were always on the go.

Now your dress is much more casual,

company shirt and pair of jeans,

hair gets quickly spun into a bun,

there’s just not enough time it seems,

no perfume and no make up,

just out the door you go,

Oh how I wish it wasn’t so.

I promise to dress you up again,

when fall arrives and the weather cools,

we’ll fuss and fidget like back then,

use all the old-school tools,

curls, makeup, and perfume,

silk stockings and high heels,

from your head down to your toes,

I will take the time,

you will look sublime,

even if we have nowhere to go.





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