The last 30

Starting again

Trying to understand


I keep making progress

Then sliding backwards




So tired of this yo-yo-ing

Ready to be at goal

Feeling on the cusp

Of that place where I either

Sit on another endless plateau

Or worse

Start gaining


To move further


On the infernal scale

I will make goal next year

I will see more positive results

I will change up my plans of

Eating and exercise

And kick my own butt

Over this depressing hill


I will end 2020 with

Significantly less body mass

Than when the year started

Twenty pounds gone

Is a good thing

But I still have

Another thirty to go

So as the new year begins

A new goal is set

A new plan envisioned

And yes, I am holding onto hope

This battle will finally be won

Holding fast as I push forward

Starting again

E.A. Fussell


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