Resistance is required

It was the year 2020

As it drew toward a close

Much uncertainty lingered

Everyone was searching

Who had the answers

Nobody knows

Would Covid-19 be overcome

Through vaccine

Would the United States of America

Ever know who the president

Really was



Will the age of Aquarius

Usher in the dawn

Of Universal Love

People were clinging to hope

Beyond reason

That things would change

Get back to normal

Not seeing that normal pre-Covid




A new normal was evolving

With no evidence

Of what that would be

So many harmful messages

Messages of fear

Messages of racial hate

Messages to distance

Meanwhile everyone

Was being tied and bound

By digital connection

If only they could see

That it was all an illusion

Painted by written scripts and

Squawking media parrots

Designed to herd them into

A mass movement of submission

As they suffered their helplessness

In the comfort of their home

Yes, the future would look

Much different from the past


Would no longer be fought for

On the battlefield of earth

The stakes had risen much higher

The battle cry went unheard

As armies were scrambling

Into position

A new band of soldiers emerged

Armed with technology

And advanced techniques

Designed to control

The most valuable thing

Ever known to man

The battlefield of his


E.A. Fussell


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