There comes a time

Death comes

Whether we are ready for it or not

Some can resist the darkness

Healing themselves

From their various ailments

And disease

Through the aid of those

Who call themselves doctor

Maybe through faith in prayer

Death can be held at bay

Until the fateful day

When death finally comes

Others cannot resist it

Their dis-ease in this world

This life

Creates in them a hopelessness

That in itself is a disease

Eating away at their dreams

Eroding their hope

Their ability to enjoy life

Their desire to see what the future

Here may hold for them

When death comes

They silently welcome him

Escaping the tethers

Of their addiction to pain

Choosing to move on

To another realm

Leaving loved ones

To deal with grief

Wondering if their was anything

They could have done differently

That would have changed

The course of time

And left a more hopeful soul

For death to find

On that dreadful day

When, too early

Death did come

E.A. Fussell


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