Running in the Cold

An excerpt from a conversation this morning when an old friend called to chide me about running in the cold.

Jethro: “Ten degrees is pretty cold for an old southwest Florida native like you Miss Ann.” 🌴

Me: “Yes, it’s pretty cold” ❄️

Jethro: “The summer heat in Texas must have fried your brains, why are you out there runnin’ in this weather?” 🔥

Me: “I’m not really sure why. Do you have any suggestions for how to keep my fingers warm? My work gloves aren’t designed for warmth and the local stores are sold out of winter gloves. I will order some but need a solution in the meantime.” 🧤

Jethro: “Well, I don’t know much about runnin’ but I don’t think you need your fingers much, what if you used a pair of those new thermal socks you just got as mittens?” 🧦

Me: “That’s actually a good idea. I think that will work until I get some gloves! 💡

Jethro: “I’ve been known to have a good idea every once in a while.” 😎

Me: “I suppose, but don’t you keep trying to lie about not having any running experience.” 🏃🏻‍♂️

Jethro: “Miss Ann when have you ever seen me run?” ⁉️

Me: “Well, I haven’t actually seen you doing it, but I heard from a good source that you were running fast, out the back door, when Jessica’s boyfriend was walking in the front one.” 🚪

Jethro: chuckling “Well that tale is partially true, but we was in a barn, in the loft, and I had to shimmy down a post while he was climbing up the ladder. I got a few splinter scars to show for it. My horse was tied up out back so I didn’t have far to run. 🐴

Me: “Cowboy you can be a true rogue sometimes. You better be careful, that fella is twice your size. Splinters aren’t all you might get in the next tale of you trying to get some…love.” 🤣

Jethro: “Go ahead and laugh Miss Ann. I’m in a loft gettin’ some warm lovin’ while you’re runnin’ in the freezin’ cold wearin’ socks for gloves. Bye!” 🤠

E.A. Fussell


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