Christmas time
Is floating past
Reminding us
The year is ending fast
It will soon be time
To take stock and do
A 365 day review
Will this year end
On track
Or off
For you

Christmas reminds us of many things: the value of family, friends, love, and precious gifts unseen. It also reminds us there is only one week left in the year. We have either made progress on our hopes, dreams, and goals or watched them sink into that endless hole of “tomorrow I will start, tomorrow I will do that, tomorrow….”

Maybe you’ve reached some of your goals.

Maybe life took some of your hope away unexpectedly.

Maybe some of your dreams are stuck in tomorrow land.

As the last week of this year sails in, why not set an intention, dive in, plan to achieve your wildest dreams in 2023?

“Stop waiting for your ship to come in. Dive in. Swim out and get it!”

E.A. Fussell

Matthew 7:7&8

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