Temple Tuesday


That’s how I treated my body most of my life. Whatever I wanted to eat, whatever I wanted to drink, whatever I wanted to watch, whatever I wanted to listen to, whatever I wanted to feel, whatever I wanted to do, or not do.


At a young age I heard that our bodies are temples. But my young mind couldn’t really grasp it. Over the years I have read about it, heard lectures on it, tried to comprehend it, but it never really sank in.

My body is a temple.

That must be about someone else. One of those holy-rollers, always at church on Sunday, never saying a cuss word, never drinking or dancing, or getting divorced, etc. My life has been the opposite of those things so I figured I was something other than, less than, a temple. I understood that the Spirit resides in me, but I just couldn’t see myself as a temple.

Lately it’s been heavy on my mind to stop listening to the lies of that old crafty dragon. The urge to understand and embrace temple scripture keeps rising in my mind, it won’t let me rest until I comprehend it. It’s a little un-nerving to think about treating myself like the precious dwelling place God sees me as.

Why do we allow the enemy to convince us that our dwelling place, is less than someone else’s? It’s often easier to believe a lie than the Truth. It’s certainly easier to live in a “whatever” state of mind.

Today marks forty days to Easter Sunday and I have committed to studying daily, between now and then, about treating my body as a temple. Writing out my thoughts helps bring clarity so on Tuesdays, for the next five weeks, I will share some of my thoughts with you as they relate to this topic. When you see “Temple Tuesday” at the beginning of my post you can decide whether to keep scrolling or pause to consider, and maybe even share your own thoughts about whatever.

E.A. Fussell

1 Corinthians 6:19-20

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