No Sugar Required

One of my friends

Is always looking for

An old Sugar Daddy

Someone to

Pay her bills

Buy her gifts

Treat her special

But all she ends up with

Are young Splenda Daddy’s

Ones that can barely

Take care of themselves

I’ll admit

I’ve thought about

What it might be like

To have someone

To take care of me

But then I realized

I already do

He’s the Author of Creation

I’m the daughter of a King

Whatever I ask for

If I believe

I receive…..

No sugar required

E.A. Fussell


Matthew 7:7-8 KJV

My Professor

My Professor

Not the typical sort

Presenting new ideas

About God’s Word

Romantic movies






The perversion of this world

Chasing after itself

Bound for destruction

Only one end in sight

Prophesied long ago

By the Only True Light

E.A. Fussell