What happens to our body once it becomes a temple?

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What happens to our body once it becomes a Temple?

Cleansing brings disruption.

When Jesus visited the Temple in Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, He became angry at what the religious leaders were allowing to happen in the courts of the Temple. Merchants and money changers were defiling the place meant for prayer. He disrupted their activities and cleansed the Temple courts with zeal and authority. Overturning their tables and driving them out with great force and passion. Cleansing the Temple required forceful disruption.

When we believe in and accept Christ our soul gets cleansed, washed white as snow. This allows the Holy Spirit to enter and dwell within us, turning our body into a living Temple. This initial cleansing, the continued maintenance, and the degree of disruption it may cause in our lives, depends on many things.

Our age
Level of commitment
Level of maturity
Level of understanding
Depth of our rebellion
Degree of our sin
Our ability to obey
Our ability to love
Our desire to change
Our willingness to submit to change

There are many ways to experience God. Each one of us was uniquely created and thereby each one of us will have our own unique experience. However, some things may be common to all of us, in varying degrees:

To know God
To be a better person
To release our burdens

Of what we believe is right or wrong
Of good energy and bad
Of our environment and choices

Of God’s Word
Of prayer
Of forgiveness
Of unconditional love

We may find that the changes in us are immediate, recognizable, transforming. We can see them; others can see them. Or we may find that they are subtle, happening in degrees, until one day we look back and see that we have changed. We may find that some change is resistant, stubborn, rebellious, it takes more effort. There is even some change, like the thorn in Paul’s flesh, that God will not allow for His own reasons; we have to learn to live with it, just as Paul did.

There are numerous ways to experience God. Our Temple has many courts and chambers. Many ways to cleanse them. Many ways disruption may be experienced.

RELATIONSHIPS may be disrupted.
When others see us changing, they may not understand it or like it. This can be tough, especially if the person is close to us, a spouse or loved one. Employers or fellow employees may be disturbed by the change in our countenance. Our closest friends may find it hard to accept that we no longer want to participate in things we used to do without thinking twice.

ROUTINES may be disrupted.
We may find ourselves choosing to discontinue certain activities or engage in new ones. What we listen to, or watch, may change. What we eat and drink may change. Bad habits may be exchanged for better choices.

Cleansing causes change, change causes disruption for ourselves, those around us, and our environment. Humans do not like change, we prefer familiarity. Change is uncomfortable. Our old nature may resist. We are covered by the ultimate sacrifice; but we are still flesh which means we are still subject to the desires of the flesh, the weakness of the flesh. Next week we will think about techniques to move thru resistance and maintain our Temple.

E.A. Fussell

Cleansing the Temple scriptures:
Matthew 21:12-17
Mark 11:15-18
Luke 19:45-46
John 2:13-17
Psalm 69:9
Jeremiah 7:11
Isaiah 56:7

Body as the temple scriptures:
Luke 17:20-21
John 2:19-21
1st Corinthians 3:16-17
1st Corinthians 6:19
2nd Corinthians 6:16
Ephesians 2:19-22
1st Peter 2:5

Paul’s thorn scripture:
2nd Corinthians 12:7-10

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