Next Year

This year is rapidly

Drawing to a close

So many things left undone

God only knows

Next year I promise

To pray more often

More fervently

Less selfishly

Next year I promise

Your Word to study more diligently

Your love to spread more freely

Your grace to accept and call upon daily

Your mercy to share with all and give myself a break from self-criticism

Next year I promise to take time to

Walk with You in nature

Experience Your beautiful creation

Turn off the world and

Tune into Your Holy Spirit

Next year I promise

To stop feeling inadequate

To remember You created me

You love me

You sacrificed Yourself

So that all who want a

Relationship with You

Can enter Your Holy presence

Regardless of who they have been

You accept anyone right where they are

If they accept You in the form of Christ

Thank you for

My relationship with You Lord but

I want more

More of You

More of Your Divine knowledge

More of Your understanding and wisdom More of Your blessings

More of Your peace

More of Your joy

Next year I promise to give You everything

My fears, my confidences,

My weakness, my strength

My mind, my mouth, my ears,

My hands, my feet, my body

My heart

Everything, I will give to You

Next year

But this year

There are things left undone

That only You know

Please help me make it through

The rest of this year.



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