Intelligence can reflect extreme ignorance. Young people think they are freely beating their own drum and fail to see they are actually tools being manipulated by the highest puppet masters in existence today.

Invisible strings of manipulation stretch across the globe intertwining media, education, social platforms; distorting perception, inciting mass demonstrations. The puppet master will use anything, race, guns, children, anything that can fuel the fire and divide a country.

America has been notoriously soft on children, what better way to wreak havoc on our nation than to incite the educated ignorance of our young people, manipulating them into a mass of ridiculousness that no one will be stern enough to reprimand for fear of being too hard on the children. So, the educated ignorant continue to argue against the very thing that was put in place by our forefathers to protect them.

Well played puppet master, well played.

E.A. Fussell


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