I am an Old Gun

I am an old gun

With a short fuse

I get uptight sometimes and

Just want to let loose

No strings

No promises

No expectations

Just blind passion

Life can be difficult

When you aren’t a follower

When you cant just say “yes sir”

No box to fit in

Not willing to fold

Into anyone else’s mold

So many sheep

So many manipulative herders

I refuse to take a number

No conformity from me

Neither a sheep

Nor a herder

Do I choose to be

Do not mistake

My lack of submissiveness

As support for “feminists”

I detest what “feminism” has done

To the sacredness of femininity

I am an old gun

With a short fuse

I get tired of others

Telling me how to use

My mind

My body

My political and religious views

My freedom to think

I will hold onto


In every way

Regardless of

The consequences

E.A. Fussell


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