Tearing Down Walls

In less than two weeks

We will meet again

The possibility of true love

Whispers on the wind

As the day draws closer

Anxiety mounts

Are we just a fantasy

Or a love that will really count

Our first meeting was brief

A seed of hope got planted

Growing steadily

Into something we both want

Are you as nervous me

Hoping beyond hope

That this just might be

Something to pursue

Taking one day at a time

Gets harder each day

Keeping my mind off the future

Is difficult in so many ways

I try not to envision us

Living together

The fairytale

Of happily-ever-after

A tale that has failed us both

So many times before

I don’t want to feel the pressure

As I walk through the door

Of the house that might someday

Truly be called “ours”

I am fighting the anxiety

Creeping in at all hours

You are so precious to me

Such a treasure

I don’t want to lose the joy

That we share

Please forgive me

For the hesitancy

As our next meeting draws close

You may be sensing

As I process my fears

And tear down the walls

My heart has built over the years

I know your intentions are pure

You are a good man

So why am I getting so scared

When I believe this is a Divine plan

E.A. Fussell


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