Catching Worlds


It feels like I’m juggling

So many things to do

Not enough time in the day

I’m struggling

To accomplish all my dreams

The vision

I have been given

Helping others

Sewing seeds

So many fields to plow

So many souls in need

I need to sleep

But there’s no time

So many ideas

Running through my mind

I can see the harvest

At the end of the line

To the untrained eye

It may look

Like my hands are empty

But to those

With eyes that can see

It is clear

Worlds of opportunity

Are being tossed toward me

Trying to catch them all

Don’t want to let even one

Slip through my hands

Multitudes need my help

I’m struggling

Trying to fit it all in

I’m juggling

Catching opportunities

Setting souls on fire

Motivating one more person

Helping, healing, believing

Trying not to miss a step

As I make


E.A. Fussell


Written in honor of Ronald Marshall and Tamika Williams two mighty warriors I am honored to know ❤️

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