Same but not the Same

The nature of rain

Does not change

Whether it falls on



Giant Redwood trees

Or tiny little seeds

The nature of dirt

Does not change

Whether it covers

The roots of





And yet

What is produced

From the same rain

From the same dirt

Is definitely not the same

Be it beauty or brawn

A lovely garden

Or an unkempt lawn

What’s housed inside

A tiny seed

Determines what

It’s nature will be

And so it is

With human beings

The same dirt

In which we play

The same rain

Upon us falls


We are not the same

We are different

One and all

Our nature

Hidden deep inside

The tiny seed

From whence we came

Influenced to some degree

By our environment

By our own thoughts

By our choices

But at our core

We are destined to be

Whatever it is

That we truly are

E.A. Fussell


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