An experiment

I enjoy sending and receiving handwritten notes and letters. The digital world is causing us to lose the art of old-fashioned letter writing.

Shared snippets of our lives, questions asked and answered, words of encouragement. The length may vary from short “thinking of you” notes to longer “here’s what’s happening” letters. The main point is to let you know I was thinking of you.

Ink scrolling across paper, connecting us.

If you would like to receive a letter from me it’s easy. Just mail me a note. Your note can be as short or as long as you like. I am the only one who checks my mail and I will not share your address or our correspondence with anyone.

In this day and age it seems like everyone has an ulterior motive so you may be skeptical about my reasons for doing this. Encouraging you, uplifting you, loving you, those are my reasons.

My address is:

E.A. Fussell
P.O. Box 5583
Lago Vista, TX. 78645

I look forward to hearing from you soon💕

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