Stand in your Royal authority

Believer’s it’s time to stop getting pushed around my our enemy. He is binding souls with very little opposition. Its time to armor up, pray up, and rise up.

Depression, drug addiction, suicide, poverty mindset, broken families, gender identity, cultural division, religious division, political division, illness, disease, pandemics, mind manipulation, blatant satanic worship at publicized events.

Lord, we come against all things that would bind our family, our neighbors, our community, our nation. A nation founded on freedom and trust in God. Our enemy is getting bolder, scrambling to try and turn the tides. Doing anything to win souls for the dark side. Strengthen us Lord give us knowledge, wisdom, understanding, discernment, discipline. Help us know when to be silent and when to shout the battle cry. Let us not get lost in the lies. When we get weary remind us the battle was already won by Your precious son. Guide us in our march to and through that fateful day when Your trumpets sound.

E.A. Fussell

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